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    New Snoop Dogg: Sensual Seduction That hits all the right buttons.
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    Edit: Nevermind.
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    programmer's in the place: any good programming blogs?

    Does anyone know any good blogs that will make you a better programmer? Something like
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    What is this magical thing?

    link to .ogg file What is this and where do I find more like it? I am not even sure of the region of this music, much less the artist/title/compilation source/genre ... I got a few other tune id's there if you want to take a crack at them.
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    Best Dracula movie?

    What do you reckon is the best Dracula movie? Don't forget the Nosferatu ones.
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    Popsike - vinyl auction history site

    Check it out: lists eBay auctions and the prices they went for. You can vote if the buyer over/underpaid. Didn't know that the Sex Pistols have the most expensive record.
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    Inspired by Woebot...
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    Luomo - Vocalcity

    I know many of you like this album so I can ask this question here. What is the difference between the vinyl, the cd and the 3 vinyl singles (carter, livingston, native)? I tried asking on Discogs but didn't get much in the way of an answer. So the vinyl doesn't have those transitions like...
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    Kate Bush

    Who is she? What does she do? Why is she important? What are the essential records?
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    New Beat

    Ok, so there is some sort of revival going on. See Gutterbreakz if you've missed it. The question is: what is the essential stuff to pick up? I don't think I am being out of line when I say that a lot of this music is crap, more so than average. But there must be some good bits that stood...
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    help find trancey disco

    I went to see DFA/Juan Maclean live yesterday and they had DJ Shit Robot open for them. I couldn't find his email anywhere so I am asking here. At one point he started playing these records that had these smooth Moroder-type basslines that would just go on and on with a disco kick-snare beat...
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    free feature-length star trek/babylon 5 parody

    A few guys in Finland shot this movie over 7 years and now they are giving it away for free. I am pretty amazed by how professional it looks even though they did it in their living rooms mostly.
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    iraqi federalism

    See here: Why is the Iraqi state worth preserving? In the comment box johng thinks it should be but he doesn't really present any reasons that I can discern.
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    negro space program
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    m.i.a. in central park yesterday

    I was walking around Central Park yesterday and totally accidentally stumbled onto the free M.I.A. concert. Anyone else was there? It was pretty interesting in that it was exactly the kind of stuff this board champions (aside from Grime). First was some Desi DJ playing Bhangra and Dancehall...
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    streaming mp3 and firewalls

    I want to listen to Cybernetic Broacasting System but the firewall at work is blocking ports. I do not know which ones it blocks but obviously 80 is open. Is there a way I can somehow get around this? Like a proxy or something? Alternatively, any good radio stations that stream over port 80...
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    diplo - "favela on blast" track id

    Download it here if you haven't heard (on the left sidebar, at the bottom): What's the track at 15:30 with the vocoder and electroclash bassline? This is the best carioca funk track I've heard. Is that a sample? The...
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    power armor comes to life

    Check this, I can see people start using it even if they are not disabled just for the power boost.
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    Championship Manager junkies

    Any Championship Manager / Football Manager 2005 junkies out there?
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    the moon is made of cheese zoom in as close as you can. also this: Is this a joke or have they gone insane? edit: Ok, reading further it does look like a joke. But it's not april 1st...these guys have a great sense of humor.