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    Road Rap

    It may be a step away from authenticity as value towards a more fictionalized, character driven narrative. Violence comic and exaggerated rather than real. We have sort of seen this happen already, there was a short period time where new drill rappers really were anonymous. The difference...
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    Road Rap A sad and good thing about drill is that they keep locking up the most talented mcs, forcing a quite rapid evolution
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    The Depths

    Depth as contemplation, memory, history. But the literary exploration seems to have turned sideways lately; from the vertical to the horizontal. Width instead of depth, the horizon and the landscape. Handke, Sebald, Gername. Also scale.
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    how to hide your face in the Wire

    The wire aesthetic, purposely dry and dull in an attempt to reflect some intellectual or other value of the music. Which is daft. At times it extended to or was reflected in the music, Touch, As/OR, endless field recordings, snippets of mundane conversation, litterally dry reverbless crackles...
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    Steel Drum Specials (& Other Fantastic Instruments)

    The Knife is nothing but steel drums:
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    Sex scenes in literature. SEX S-E-X SEX

    Story of the eye
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    Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

    Born into money it's not a crime You can fool the people all the time Nine hundred dead in Jonestown Rescued from a shopping mall Heiress with a little girls soul Do you think we'll make the papers?
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    EBM with a B not EDM with a D

    It's the sound of early front 242 no? But perhaps with a litte less funk
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    Consumer Electronics are as old as dads, occasionally great though. Just read this on Phil's wiki "In 1998 Best published his doctoral thesis at Durham University entitled "Apocalypticism in the Fiction of William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard and Thomas Pynchon" and later received a doctorate in...
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    SeaPunk / Chillwave / Nu gaze / Glo-Fi / Molly Pop / Witch Trap / Special Characters

    The last year or so every "hip" person Iv'e met seem only interested in listening to and making 70's progressive rock music. As far as I can tell it has no value at all beyond the nostalgic, a young movement no longer interested in creating culture, now only replicating, and replicating the very...
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    True Detective

    The ending was disappointing yes, but it was never really that good to begin with. It was probably more a case of everybody wanting it to be good. In reality it was just a rather standard country noir/ southern gothic with the usual clichees, and Mcconaughey received great praise for playing not...
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    How has burial dated for you?

    it's a christmas record.
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    favourite wiley non-sequiturs

    i've got a big car not a gokart
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    John Carpenter soundtracks

    silly, but a bit fun: and you may give me this one for christmas:
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    fantastic online games

    can recommend all games on, but Double Zenon in particular: "Double Zenon The two Zenons, sharp shooting against the ancient ramshackle structures of mathematic theorems, humiliating the deceptive dictatorship of democracy."
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    Ariel Pink

    almost great, yet not. It's great but it's also silly.
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    No More Gays In Pop

    Not sure i agree, they may have some of the feminine traits homophobes like to call gay; but the music pretty much only consist of tunes celebrating heterosexuality. Rappers on the other hand have lots of tunes calling women bitches and about their love of men. But i'm thinking the lack of gays...
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    No More Gays In Pop

    r'n'b guys taking on a gangsta persona snuffed the gay out, cause part of the stereotype is to be homophobic, which is apparently accepted.
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    William Burroughs' St. Louis Journal

    thanks a bunch