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    Repeater Radio live Wathamstow (London) - Thurs 19th May - DVD (bun-u) and others

    Have joined forces with a few other London-based Repeater DJ to put on this at Walthamstow Trades Hall next Thurs (19/5/22, 7-11) - it’ll be fairly pop/dancing focused. Dissensus people are permitted this time
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    DVD (bun-u) on Repeater Radio

    Another Neon Hospice show from bun-u / DVD sporadic Dissensus contributor (prolific between 2004-08) 'Crazy Stitch' shows are on Friday at 7pm - great tunes, magnetic personality Mixcloud for past shows - And a couple of no talking mixes there too...
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    Idle hands are the devil's plaything

    Hello, hi... What's everyone listening to these days? Two-word summaries only
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    Sonic Lectures @Centrum Berlin - Musos wanted

    I'm putting together something at Centrum - our art/music space in Berlin - a series of event called Sonic Lectures. The idea is that each lecture will be a combination of music played and presentation materials to explain theme and go through the track played, explaining their importance etc...
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    Kiss Akabusi (Infinite Livez / Gold Panda) Tues 21st June (Berlin)
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    Our Berlin flat for your London pad

    (I'm not sure how much of a Dissensus thing this is to do, but here goes...) We have to be in London for the whole of May and need somewhere to stay without putting friends out. So, on the off chance that some Londoner fancies a trip to Berlin with free accommodation... (would have to be a...
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    90s revival: starting prices

    Pop pickers, the 20 year rule means that the Teenies will be delving into 90s - which I personally think was a pretty good decade for music (from my two and a half as a fully fledged music fan). History also tells us that it isn't always the obvious stuff that gets the revived, so what are you...
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    Bragging rights - heroic events of immense kudos achieved before you lost your edge

    Put modesty to side and become the muso bores you pretend not to be! I saw Nirvana in the Duchess of York pub in Leeds in 1989 supporting Tad in front of about 50 people
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    Dirty Canvas in Berlin (11 April - the Villa)

    the night follows me over to B-town for a one-off at the brilliant Villa venue on Landsberger Allee, Friedrichshain. FACT link here and press blurb below.... Dirty Canvas touches down in Berlin for a UK takeover! Combining the raw sounds of the UK underground, Dirty Canvas is one of London’s...
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    Comedy/novelty music

    Thinking back to 80s indie and comparing to its namesake today, as well as all the other obvious changes (to music, aesthetic, fanbase etc) another one is the real lack of any joke songs/records about now. 99% of indie today is so serious about itself it hurts - whereas I suppose part of what...
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    DC this Friday (D Double, Scratchy, Double S)

    Dirty Canvas @ Vibe Live (Vibe Bar) D Double E Scratchy (roll deep) Double S Dot Rotten Sukh Knight JJ b2b Scratcha DVA Random Impulse Magic / Reecha 8-1am £5 / £6.50 @ vibe bar, brick lane
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    The sacred cows

    ...who are the artists who can do no wrong in the eyes of music journalists? a tell tale sign is when every new album is hailed as 'a return to form': a couple of starters: the Fall, Nick Cave
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    Wiley on top of the pops (at Dirty Canvas this Saturday)

    Tickets moving fast for this - so book them in advance
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    Dirty Canvas 29 Feb

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    Dirty Canvas Sat 29th Dec, Wiley, Loefah...

    Advanced tickets can be bought at the myspace site (see below)
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    Music highlights of 2007

    ok, who wants to start? :p
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    Dirty Canvas in Brighton this Friday (with Durrty Goodz)

    Friday 30th November @ Audio, Marine Parade, Brighton 10-3 £7 All Night Undoubtedly one of the most revered artists in the British urban music scene, Durrty Goodz, is set to perform a rare live p.a. at Dirty Canvas. Goodz's recently released Axiom EP (including the epic 'Switching Songs') has...