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    BAD PUNS: Breaking News, Lies, Gossip, etc

    "Now is the discount of our winter tents." Surely
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    qutting smoking!

    Just stop, it's easy after about 3 days. No will-power some people.
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    in 2020, which record will be remembered more fondly?

    Cat shit and dog shit again, isn't it?
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    Waddington's SuperTrumps politics/critical discourse

    Christmas fad, I reckon
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    Books to Burn

    Good God! What did you misread to form that opinion?
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    There is, and it does.
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    worst musical experience?

    Worst musical experience? Phantom of the Opera at the Alhambra in Bradford. What's that awful noise and why has that plonker got a fucking plate stuck to his face?
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    Kate Bush

    schooldays flashback... one in Kate's bush is worth two in the hand
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    Kate Bush

    Cheers Mark! Now I'll have to go and bloody well buy it, won't I?
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    Moments you think you're losing your mind.

    Remeber giggling at this the other night when I was strung out on something. Came back to check it was real. It is, and again I feel strangely elated. Answers the question: "whippets, what are they for?" They're for laughing at innit.
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    Feel good brit flick of the year...

    There's always the "Carry On" films
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    what are you reading now?

    Just finishing John Irving's latest, "Until I find You". Fascinating read; still 'imagining truly' even when his main character lives in a 'unreal' world. Not his best (that would be 'Cider House Rules', 'Owen Meaney' or 'Garp' depending on mood), but worth a look.
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    Grime Spam

    I think grime is spam.
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    The Arcade Fire - shit or clay?

    New Gold Dream, New Gold Nightmare, must be some connection there
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    Here's something you don't see every day

    Jesus, I'm never going to get that two minutes back, am I? Except in my nightmares, obviously.
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    The banning of Rachel Verinder.

    No argument here, the guy can be a real fuckwit
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    chav--explain to a confused expatriate please

    You're right, it has been used for a long time in the north Kent area, in fact I heard that the word actually derives from the town of Chatham, and not the gypsy word for child mentioned further up. Have been unable to verify that though.
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    Books that changed you

    Books I liked, there's loads, but books that changed me... Toni Morrison - 'Pair of Blue Eyes' - opened my blue eyes for sure John Fowles - 'The Magus' - a real discovery, the first book that really focused my interest in reading into a quest for good literature Angus Wilson - 'Anglo-Saxon...
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    what's yer top 10 - albums, singles, whatever

    5. cheese is good
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    what's yer top 10 - albums, singles, whatever

    1. mandy - barry manilow. If not, then anything by leo sayer especially orchard road. 2. toffee apples on really really long sticks. 3. er... that forensic files thing on UK death (or whatever it's called). 4. ... i've not really thought this through, can I have more time? 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.