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    konono no.1 in london?!?!?

    if anyone know if and where the above great band are playing in london on thurs 6 april (tomorrow) could they please post it up here and let me know!! thanks.
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    13 Cantos from Dante's Inferno (1955)

    correction to above info sorry the last one in my list (Bioscope one) is not about the film, it's totally unrelated. If you're going to the library you should give them this reference instead 4 BFI PRODUCTION.000051-000076 Catalogue 124...
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    13 Cantos from Dante's Inferno (1955)

    BFI Dante info Here's some info from my contact who works in the BFI Library. These are the articles about the film in magazines that the BFI Library holds. She says it may also be mentioned in books they hold there. Periodicals (4) Note on special showing at Hammer theater. Today's...
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    machine poetry

    Perhaps there is a software company somewhere selling a programme that generates this stuff. Those surrealists were prescient chomp... No more Oh, I see. How can I get to.. never! Algerian bleed gargle reinstate ambassador Normandy brushy
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    The Rough Ensemble 17 Feb 2006 Betsey Trotwood Farringdon London

    This is Daniel Patrick Quinn's group, he has his own label where you can hear examples of his folky ambient conversational ouvre. He's a bit of an anomalous musician, though comin atcha through strong influences. His old new CD Ridin' The Stang is really...
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    The Artic Monkeys are Stump with a hip producer

    diabolus in musica I think on the first riff on the first track on their album, "view from the afternoon", they are utilising diabolus in musica the last appearance of which in the pop-rock world that i know of is on one of the tracks on the bends but i cant remember the name of the song...
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    Parrots in Hyde Park

    i think these are the green parakeets that myth has it a. escaped from the set of "the african queen" at shepperton studios b. are descended from a pair that jimi hendrix had in in his pad in london.
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    London's Idiot Cyclists

    It makes me really angry to see these hideous cyclists zooming through a gaggle of innocent pedestrians when the little feller is green and the beeps are beeping. Have some respect for your fellow city dwellers I say. Such an attitude of contempt is sad. Actually I used to do it but now I'm on...
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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    ariel pink ariel pink's production values on haunted graffitti remind me of matt johnson's burning blue soul. kind of claustrophilic indoor immensity.