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  1. Dr Awesome

    [AKL / NZ] RITUAL 001 - 12 November - Rising Sun

    (Any Dissensians can have door-lists arranged) RITUAL 001 - GRIND (AKL) / REACH (CHCH) This first monthly rite of passage for 36deep, 'Ritual' brings to your ears Sub Heavy sounds often forgotten in todays soundscapes. An eyes down, no ego's, low frequency worship session $10 door pressure...
  2. Dr Awesome

    Recommend me some Thick/Dense/Molasses sounding ~130BPM Records

    Hello Dissensus. Bit of a new subject of interest for me here. I'm thinking along the lines of some of Shackleton's Oeuvre, Deadman / Mukuba Special et al. Rockwell's remix of Untold - Bones, Pinches' Croydon House etc ec. I've been doing a bit of browsing but haven't had an awful lot of...