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    Grime and the media

    My girlfriend is in a band which manages itself and has been interviewed by everywhere mentioned on this thread, as well as tons of other places, and they've always been punctual, conscientious and available to do stuff at the drop of a hat (ie backstage at shows for student and local papers...
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    Arctic Monkeys Explosion.

    I've seen small bands play in working mens clubs tons of times in the Newcastle/Northumberland area. These places need the money and custom! There's nothing strange or ironic or slumming about it.
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    where is this junior boys gig tomorrow?

    The Luminaire.
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    How to save YouTube Vids (as .avi, mpeg etc..)

    If you have Firefox as yr browser there is an extension that automates this.
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    I guess i should hear the Alex Smoke LP. Keep forgetting about it... Justice are French though.
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    Rave revival?

    but klaxons are specifically guitar covers of pop rave, not heard any electronic involvment from them. klaxons are the ones in the spotlight at the mo unfortunatley as they are the stupidest, i wonder if any of these other bands are the same. Klaxons have only one released rave cover--The...
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    I love Bpitch and Get Physical and stuff like that but there aren't any British equivalents releasing solid LPs that could get a Mercury nod. Even Border Community have only released the (underwhelming) Holden LP. Was that even on the long list? (I guess I should know as I posted it...) In a...
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    The 33 1/3 Series

    I thought the MC5 one was boring and not too perceptive. Nothing I hadn't heard a hundred times. The james Brown one is good. The Zep one is kinda mystifying but worth a read. I should get some more of these. Is the Paul's Boutique out yet?
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    "20-inch rims with the chrome now/ Blazin' out Yo La Tengo" But that's genre busting too.
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    That Nathan Barley song was about 100x better than the stuff it parodied. I often go about singing "space invaders, gay Darth Vaders."
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    This is what they could pick from, for those playing at home: Abigail Hopkins Adem Akala Alex Smoke Amusement Parks on Fire And did those feet Andrew McCormack Angie Palmer Archie Bronson Outfit Arctic Monkeys* Barbar Luck Barry Adamson Belle and Sebastian Beth Orton Blackbud Bliss Boards of...
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    Mercury Shortlist 2006

    Burial was in the cut off period but wasn't eligable bcz the label didn't enter it (at a cost of £250, I think.) Lauren Laverne is on the panel this year, don't know who else is (but would like to know.) I would like Hot Chip or Scritti to win. I haven't heard the Isabel Campbell but it being...
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    PROG ROCK- breaking news, gossip, libel, lies etc

    the Musie cover is very much in the vein of the MArs Volta's artwork. They really did get Storm Thorgeson to do theirs.
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    The 33 1/3 Series

    Did the guy say that he was not interested in it bcz it was not in the 'canon of classic albums' or did you just get turned down?
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    DJ Spooky at the Tate as part of Futurist Fridays

    The film sounds interesting, like a German equivalent to Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera. DJ Spooky is a fucking joke though--has there ever been a bigger disparity between someone's percieved view of what they are doing and what they are actually doing? The best that can be said for...
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    aim pages (beta)

    Rupert Murdoch. AIM pages doesn't look different enough from MySpace... Why would anyone make the effort to switch? It's a feeble copy.
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    Anyone who plagiarises from fucking Wikipedia should end up getting low marks anyway as the whole thing is so badly written and so often wrong! If yr're gonna copy, at least copy from a reliable source.
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    E2 E4

    As well as the Sueno Latina track that uses E2 E4 as it's basis there are also remixes of/tributes to E2 E4 out there by: Eye (from the Boredoms) Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Tribute Mix Jaywalk Tribute Mix Paperclip People Basic Reshape Rovo - Catch and Release (E2 E4) Mileage varies.
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    Grime-where did it all go wrong?

    I remember getting heavily slagged on Dissensus for my Stylus review of Run the Road 2. I think a lot more people might share some common ground with me now: