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    Pitchfork reviews Run the Road

    :rolleyes: yes
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    The Big Hello Thread

    hello this looks a interesting friendly place to visit between shifts. big up the manchester crew - big up anyone up north and the glasgow mahusive. respect to the east end, etc.
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    Favourite Premiership Players

    definitely - he looks like a switchblade-wielding teddyboy. the fonz's emotionally troubled evil half-brother, always scheming... :)
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    Favourite Premiership Players

    ok ok bergkamp is a master. a privilege to see him play, etc. but away from the big three, some players haven't got recognition: el-hadji-diouf - cos he's fuck you. he's also dumb as a post - never learns anything (i.e. multiple spitting incidents). he's one of those players who throw...
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    Pitchfork reviews Run the Road

    nice one, logan.
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    Chef on Rinse FM last night

    "chef is a BIG dj...." you are not wrong. check his profile: :eek: he sounds so friendly n'all!
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    Chef on Rinse FM last night

    thanks a lot. :) bossman is on form 2day. drop us a line if u fancy a tape/some data ... ;)
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    Chef on Rinse FM last night

    yer jokin!!! cheers
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    Why Mike Leigh is a blight on British cinema

    " The "real" in his films isn't something that's just walked off the street- it's been obsesively shaped. " yeah. "In fact, one of the other problems with Leigh is that he is part of a bourgeois theatre-schooled establishment which controls film in this country and ensures that it is seen as...
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    Chef on Rinse FM last night

    Has anyone else listened to this? I swear the opening track (on the mp3) has bits from 'rocker' in it. mp3:
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    bass, this mix sounds fruity. how do i get a copy?
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    Another grime DVD, Another thread (Crazy Times DVD and mixtape)

    sounds like the closest thing (in grime...) to spinal tap yet - and that's no bad ting! :D will have to check it out.
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    How representative is 'Aim High Vol. 2'?

    in terms of the mix cd, and target's loops throughout the dvd, i thought it was a "poppier" direction than lord of the mics vol. 1 which has a lot of played out stuff. target's a great producer. it's pretty neptunes-y. kano (it's always blummin kano...) and sadie coulda shoulda broke out with...
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    Essential records labels?

    here's a few imo: wurlitzer jukebox - indie and a wee bit of electronica toward the end, mid to late nineties saturn - sun ra's label already mentioned congo natty - jungle, early nineties and still going strong warp - until recently clone - contemporary dutch electro label brunswick - funky...
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    Nobody Beats the Diz

    reading the flyer again it looks like tony allen is warming up for diz.
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    Grime and Graf

    there's graffiti in the video to 'wot do u call it?'. funny video, that.