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    kurupt fm - people just do nothing

    the first series has more jokes directly based on pirate radio, by the 3rd one, you're laughing at the roles the character's have established... i liked the 3rd series tho, less focus on Grindah and Beats and more on Steves and Chabuddy... it's not a perfect show, but am i really gonna get to...
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    Kendrick Lamarr

    this is true
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    The gentrification of Grime

    the weird thing about the grime gentrification / fetishization is that it simplifies grime to a specific set of sounds... the low fi /8 bit sounding eski /squarewave stuff which is fine, but a certain point it runs the risk of rewriting history, bc back in 04-05, someone with a sound like...
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    Danny Dyer

    Would pay for a subscription to this Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    The gentrification of Grime

    This really makes all of here who thought this stuff was amazing 10 years ago and wondered why it wasn't bigger seem like geniuses, huh? :p Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    the bowie thread

    This is very true... I def had a period in my late teens where I didn't respect Bowie as much as someone like John Lennon or Ray Davies, precisely bc I detected a lack of emotional commitment on his part, that he "didn't mean it, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"...
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    the bowie thread

    it's true. like the lyrics for Life On Mars are not very good at all, reading them on paper i feel nothing, but when you hear the song, the overall effect is one of deep deep emotion...
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    the bowie thread

    ha thanks! nice one too, re: the eventide harmonizer, i always remember seeing interviews w/ Visconti talk about how he processed tracks on Heros with it, never put 2 and 2 together that it was the same thing used for the pitchstretching type sounds on jungle...
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    the bowie thread

    this is the most dissensus-type response i could write about bowie's death: about how he (inadvertantly) is the father of the Sleng Teng riddim....
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    Ice Rink

    yeah i really wanted to like this, and i'm just kinda on the fence about it... the track is cool, but the vocal sounds off on it, even the mix, the vocal is fighting all the sounds instead of sitting in them...
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    good point... this is the best thread on dissensus.... discarda as elvis is brilliant until you realize elvis had talent.... but yes, the odd white man out in a black environment is a great musical trope... maybe discarda is ron bykowski from funkadelic...
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    Help me make a Proto-Post-Punk Mixtape...

    well, more Gang Of 4 meets Ted Nugent, but in my mind the world needs more of that! (i also thank you, bc i own that album and i don't own the first one, so i will be playing this one out)
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    this is not a huge surprise... i went there when i was in london in december and there was like 50 records in the whole store and no one in there.... i mean, selling new white label dance music 12"s to djs in 2015 is not a viable business plan... and all the gear and shit people buy online or...
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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    i figure this is the only place i could post this that people would be remotely interested... a one man noise band thing i did in 2001.... drums, sax w wah wah, and some old roland synth my roommate had...
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    ^^^^^^^^^^this is about the best summation of the fight... if this fight had happened right after manny pounded cotto, we might have seen floyd catch an L... speaking of cotto, the way floyd played it safe with manny proves his "slugfest" with cotto was a joke, that he had figured out cotto...
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    ...:::::...::Real Hip-Hop:::...::.... 2015

    it sucks... i feel bad for any rappers from far rock, it seems like coming out of there is a curse... a small tribal place... tho gods knows what happened here...
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    i actually like shutdown more than any skepta song since duppy, no joke...
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    Help me make a Proto-Post-Punk Mixtape...

    was just thinking that.... love the electric eels, love that zz top stuff, but it dates from the new wave era no? the first Dr Feelgood record is from 75, but totally has a 1979 post punk sparesness
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    scrufizzer got his on this: they work well together....
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    stormzy has something skepta will never have: charisma i don't hate skepta, i just think of all the people who might become the face of grime, he's a terrible ambassador...