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    harlan ellison, where to start?

    realized i've known who he is for 20 years and have only read a comic book story by him...
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    60's vietnamese pop mix

    been e-digging this stuff lately using vietnamese forums and google translate! some of the quality sucks, as a lot of it is dubbed off of old cassettes or reel to reel tapes... but, it's fascinating to see the history, ie the early to mid 60's stuff reflects french tastes, where there are covers...
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    "I Love New York"- Peter Gunn (video)

    i realized making videos for songs is better than just putting up soundcloud clips or whatever...
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    so i am in toronto, so i can finally try nando's... help me out, what should i get? by which i mean, i know they have different flavors of chicken: spicy, lemon, etc... what's the consensus? also, should i get a sandwich, or just chicken and fries? i can't see myself doing this more than...
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    i met mitt romney

    figured someone might enjoy this... my true story...
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    why is there no wikileaks thread?

    is everyone too saturated w/ this to have a dissenian opinion? it's on the the front page every day here in nyc...
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    hard 94-2000 hip hop so many gems... also the stories are outta control...
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    hip hop '10

    dipset is back? <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    russian spy ring!

    this shit is fascinating: American officials said they believed that most of the accused spies had been born in Russia and had been given sophisticated training before resettling in the United States, posing as married couples. They connected with various Americans of influence or knowledge...
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    the batman game for PS3

    pretty fucking awesome.... have not seen the sequel yet...
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    good tippers

    kenneth anger lily tomelin hugh masekela all of the above were quite generous (and generally good eggs to boot....)
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    Red Light : dawn of disco NYC sat 5/15

    Red Light Saturday May 15 Botanica 47 East Houston (btwn Mott and Mulberry) (212) 343-7251 10pm-4am FREE w/ DJ's Reaganomics Peter Gunn DJ Teeth Shakewell Duckcomb 4,5,6 to Broadway/Lafayette CD release party for Peter Gunn and Reaganomics new CD, Red Light: Dawn of Disco 1972-75, a mixed...
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    "olympic stadium" EP and a lil press direct DL of ep: it is housey sorta 120 bizness, but built on 60's french music samples bought in montreal...
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    jfk conspiracy theories

    spent all weekend in bed getting geeked on this stuff after reading the exellent book "Libra" by Don Delillo... check out the deaf mute guy, he rules: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    if i am in southeast Spain, is Gibraltar a worthty day trip? keep in mind, i am american, so any "britishness" will seem quite exotic and fascinating to me... or is it just a dull, colonial rock w/ nothing to do or see?
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    pure fire, tues dec 15th NYC

    pure fire tues dec 15 @ APT 10ish to 4ish FREE 419 west 13th st. NYC w/ residents peter gunn criterion small change n-ron reaganomics and guest Jess Jubilee, who has been putting out great tracks, let google do the walkin' dunno how many people from NYC are on here these days, but hey...
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    iphone apps

    what are people's favorites? best music ones? are any of the music ones actually useful? i notice alot of them you can't record or export what you play, so sorta not that practicle...
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    pure fire, tues nov 17, NYC w/joro boro

    Pure Fire continues its monthly throw down. Last month saw a slew of stupid mofos killing shit including Ghislain Poirier, Zuzuka Poderosa and Geko Jones. This month we feature NYC allstar Joro Boro. Former bulgarian bar resident and recently opening up for Bassnectar, homeslice is always on it...
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    just put out big bucks for this: also, a big fan of this: i have to say, when Scientist is not working at Tubby's, his shit is too clean for me... which is to say, i like all the uh, famous, Scientist stuff that is pure Channel One (world cup, heavyweight champ, evil vampires, scientist...
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    digital mixing styles

    why do dj's on serato feel the need to cut every song off after a verse or two, or blow thru 15 songs in 5 minutes... yes, technology is great and all, and back in the day, you had to have a "record boy" to pass the shit to as you quickmixed, but when i can't make it from the bar to the...