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    Dr Who

    Me too, Dr Who fans are even worse than Trekkies. The only thing it got right was depicting Dunstable as a desolate wasteland of human misery.
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    The Liner Note

    Forgot about that! Remember babysitting my niece when I was 13 and looking through my brother in law's record collection (mostly rock/metal) around midnight, and came across this album - those notes (and the cover art) gave off a weird/occult vibe...had to ask to borrow it. (Then my jaw dropped...
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    The best shades I ever had were a pair of snide Police sunglasses I got in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok for £1.35. Was gutted when one of the lenses fell out a few years later. Every other pair I’ve tried made me look like I’m in a Donal MacIntyre sting. I've heard this as well.
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    Never going back to the office

    Sounds like cringe incarnate. I'd just say you're really busy but will think about it, and change the subject pronto. Seeing as this thread got revived, I also remembered this monstrosity from 2020. Hope the wanker responsible is denied WFH forever:
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    Music for Opiates

    Dunno if I'm lowering the tone but
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    The Liner Note

    The inner booklet notes and pics on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Patti Smith albums are great, in an obsessive’s sort of way. Wouldn’t have worked out the meaning of ‘Broken Flag’ without them. Wasn’t there an early Stones album where the liner notes said if you can’t afford this album, go out and kick...
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    Never going back to the office

    The odd thing is, there's a woman at our place who's been vociferous about us all returning (she's not even in management!) since late 2020... and even now, she keeps banging on about how it'll benefit everyone to return, and how it's impossible to get a day's work done at home because of...
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    Never going back to the office

    It’s a pretty key component of the Tory mindset, though. That nagging suspicion that somebody, somewhere has bagged a perk – no matter how small or inconsequential, compared to the privileges you possess. You could be sitting in a £900k house, mortgage paid off, and if someone on the dole wins a...
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    How do you even get worms? Last time I heard of anal worms (well, before this thread) was reading Mayhew's observations on Victorian London. You're quite well-heeled men, how did this occur? Presumably not through lapping at a puddle while scarfing down a pigeon's cadaver? Or did your parents...
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    music from prison

    IRA edition: Suppose we have to mention Charles Manson too - 'Live At San Quentin' and a more demented one on some neo-nazi label. Didn't Bobby Beausoleil record some of the Lucifer Rising soundtrack in prison too? Denis Nilsen recorded electronic music in prison, but good luck tracking...
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    What brought you to this forum in the first place?

    I was 26 or 27 and wanted to go for a drink with some nice people in London and spend days in the office online-yapping about music and other stuff. I’m OG, I’ll have you know, joined in the first week! (or fortnight, maybe, it's hazy…) Since then I pop in now and then, like a useless prodigal...
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    Songs for Screaming

    Bit drunk but I’m laughing now imagining some bloke in a velvet smoking jacket in Hampstead, playing Mahler’s 5th on a £3,000 sound system and yelling “AAAAARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
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    When Belgium Ruled the World

    That one's got a nice dirty, bleak industrial sound, especially at the start...but yeah, feels like TV Treated's demo cousin.
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    When Belgium Ruled the World

    I've got bad memories of Belgium, I hated it. Antwerp, anyway. I had to go for work and my contact over there was some Denis Nilsen lookalike called Roger Wauters (I’m not making this up) who wore a brown leather jacket and crusty brown leather gloves. First night out, he refused to drink...
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    Pandemic missed opportunities

    Post-nuke handbag house-style
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    Pandemic missed opportunities

    Yeah, a few wasted opportunities. Some naff public information posters with pics of blocky cartoon people, saying “Stay safe” and “Wash your hands”? Really needed a black and white photo of an agonised child on a ventilator, terror in his eyes (and a bat shadow over his face)…his screaming mum...
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    Evil Eye

    The Japanese ones are mental. Used to have a pic of a Tokyo subway cartoon poster with two shocked humanoid rabbits pointing at a floating smartphone with an evil, leering face doing a bit of upskirting. Sadly, I lost it.
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    what are you reading now?

    Just finished "GBH" by Ted Curtis, and am thankful that @WebEschatology recommended it in the Detectives thread. A doozy.
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    COLDS/FLU - home remedies, trip reports, lies, slander etc.

    Whisky, lemon, hot water (sugar/honey optional). Then two jumpers, into bed and sweat it out. Has never failed me yet. Or get a witchdoctor to jab you with a stick while invoking the fire dogs to chase the germs out.
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    There's this, but really, really wish there was an instrumental version...