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    benga and eve?

    seriously? wow.
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    bigboi + raekwon + dre - royal flash

    Curious what you all think...
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    Track ID / One time in a life?

    Warning - Don't listen to this if your in a good mood. Anyone have any ideas? Even a cue about the singer might help. I ripped this from one of the World in Action documentaries...
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    War in Pakistan

    It seems more inevitable than a war in Iran really, especially after the past few weeks. Most of the militant islamic diaspora is ex-pakistani military anyway. No cut and paste articles readily on hand for this unfortunately.
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    EPMD on onsmash

    G*dAMN! The Dudes Beast it! next one for fun
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    Boy Bands are giant ponzi schemes!!

    I fought the urge to post this initially, but check out this story. The line in between producing boy bands and stealing money from old people is thin isn't it? =P Pearlman was the manager for N sync and Backstreet Boys btw. Two Dissensus Favorites! Boy-band mogul Lou Pearlman to appear...
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    Bongos in Dubstep

    bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongobongo bongo bongo bongo why is skream's...
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    Looking for a Gerhard Richter book

    Looking for a Gerhard Ricther book, let me try to describe it...Small Format. It had the same photo of a set of buildings and blue sky repeated throughout with different brushstrokes applied to the sky. I'm pretty sure its by the same publisher as this one: I saw both of the titles together...
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    Shiira (New OSX Browser)

    This new browser looks pretty cool...alot of navigation and RSS options. I'm going to test it out later.
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    Good Flickr Streams?

    Anyone want to recommend their favorites? No kittens please...
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    Neo-cons shrug

    For all the AEI faithful! Remember kids, deliberation is a practice, not an endowment! LINK Perle goes so far as to say that, if he had his time over, he would not have advocated an invasion of Iraq: "I think if I had been delphic, and had seen where we are today, and people had said, 'Should...
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    Kurzweil on 2010

    Not going to go into a full spiel on how I feel about on how I feel about this, but Kurzweil has estimated ubiquitous everyday nanotech as being fully mature at 2010, including a COMPLETE brains able to be reverse engineered by 2020. retina embedded computers, full immersion VR, cured diabetes...
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    Portable MPC 500

    Either my dream just came true, or this isn't what i think it is? anyone who knows their gear better than me should give me reasons not to buy one...
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    decentralized hegemony with an american face is pretty fragile isn't it?'s like a hand grenade with a silkstring pin, or the spinning fine china on rods parlor trick. just enough "tragedy of imminent collapse" to keep the whole living fast, working fast, playing fast, facade racing...
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    rolling blogariddims thread

    [edit - I think this series deserves its own thread, yes? JE ;) ] Incredible. These mixes and the FWD podcasts, are making my summer. Apologies if there is a different thread but I couldn't find it. Is there a tracklisting for Matt B's new one? thanks again to all the suppliers!
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    mutek 2006 recommendations?

    i don't know if anyone has the time to look through the site but if there is any particular artist that you would jump at the chance to see let me know. cant afford the time or money for a full on pass. the weirder the better =) i recognize the...
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    Moscow Metro Panoramas

    just found this site of moscow subway stations and i thought it was too good not to share...other good stuff on the site also....
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    Rare (?) Godard on Rapidshare

    Thought some of you might be interested in this. I havent leeched them yet so I can't vouch for quality, but there is a good selection of JLG I havent seen anywhere else. TV Interviews, Godard in America, Histoire(s), Meeting Woody Allen....
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    Vector Drawing on PDA's

    My googling skills seem to be off this morning, but does anyone know of a decent color vector drawing application for Palm Pilot/PDA things? I guess pen sensitivity would be a huge plus...
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    Tune ID

    I don't have audio unfortunatley, but i heard it on a mix el-p did a year or two ago called weareallgoingtoburninhell megamix - anyone have this around? it's a chick, possibly 60's, nancy sinatra-ish singing "you can fuck the lillies, and the roses can fuck the maidens, who swear...