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    Pandemonium vs Persepolis

    It's on. Which experimental soundtrack are you going down with?
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    Why does the left hate crypto so much?

    I don't get it? I don't just mean the capitalist angle (why no vitriol over the National Lottery, though?) or the environmental side (as if Bandcamp Friday's not a colossal waste of electricity...). There's something more to this, I can tell certain people on Twitter SERIOUSLY hate crypto and...
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    Dodgy T-shirts

    This is inspired by the (current) last page of the ‘Strange American Things’ thread, though I thought it might be dragging it off-topic to post it there… What are the dodgiest T-shirts you’ve seen? Have you ever worn one? And if so, what was the reaction? When I was about 19 I went out wearing...
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    Will Trump smash up the White House?

    Donald's buckled loafer crashing down on the White House toilet seats, snapping them clean off their hinges, before he smashes all the windows in the West Wing with a golf club. Barron carving USA into the Oval Office desk, then coating his BMX wheels in black paint and pushing the bike up and...
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    Mahabharat Appreciation Thread

    When people tell me they're obsessives because they own every Transmat release, I think, "Yeah, but did you spend two years of Sunday nights watching Mahabharat?" One of the best things the BBC ever broadcast. I don't think the UK even got the full works - the BBC cut it after Arjuna's big...
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    'Woke capitalism' in 2020

    My first WTF encounter with this happened last year, at DSEI (disclaimer: I wasn't dealing weapons): I saw a big missile company's promo video, churning out the usual "Innovation...dedication" buzzwords but, instead of showcasing the actual miltech, they were accompanied by footage of a Pride...
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    Are you stockpiling for quarantine?

    Blah blah blah
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    Octopuses on E

    A pair of scientists announce that they've doled out MDMA to octopuses: I have no clue why these goofballs get to ascend the scientific community's slippery ladder, while blokes from Dagenham get sent down for...
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    Did John Duncan really shag a corpse?

    OK, so John Duncan's 'infamous' piece "Blind Date" is billed as the sound of him having sex with a dead Mexican woman, as part of some nihilistic comment on the futility of childbirth (and a ritual that took place on very cheap plastic sheets, if the audio's to be trusted). Now, I know a bit...
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    Buying baby monkeys in London

    I want to get hold of some baby monkeys - preferably Japanese macaques, but I could be open to capuchins and/or vervets. I think it'd be a laugh to train them to stand in the corner in butler / maid outfits and run to the fridge to fetch me a can of beer when I click my fingers. I could also...
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    I think they're cool :cool:. They look like foxes on mind-blowing LSD with leather jackets, who can fly. Vegetarian too. Only just realised you can get them in exotic pet shops in the UK! Though, as usual, the do-gooders advise against keeping them. Would also ward off Jehovah's Witnesses and...
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    I need your TECH HELP

    OK, I am completely stumped and need some tech advice. I've asked some people on here for help regarding this, which they've kindly given, but unfortunately the methods / links haven't worked. Basically - I want to transfer 3,000+ emails (incl. subfolders) and contacts from a work Outlook...
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    First world woes, file next to obesity, etc. YT channels popping up like fungi, advocating the benefits of a streamlined life. Marie Kondo reckons you should bow to your socks and thank them! It's all a bit fucking la-la. On the other hand, I've always had this aversion to having too much...
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    London pirate station, '95-'96

    Question for ageing ravers - did Dead By Dawn in Brixton have an accompanying pirate radio broadcast? I remember some station, around '95-'96, playing industrial/speedcore techno and gabba, etc, usually on Saturday evenings and easily/clearly picked up around Camberwell/Peckham. Anyone got a...
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    Fred & Judy Vermorel

    I'm kind of intrigued by this pair, who seem to occupy a shadowy (esp. Fred) presence on the edge of pop culture. Neither has their own Wikipedia entry and online pics are hard to come by. The first time I came across them would have been in the early '80s, when they wrote a cash-in book about...
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    Cheap sticker printers - any tips?

    I want to get a small quantity of black & white A6 stickers - probably 100 - printed up, though scouring the web and London-based specialists, looks like this is going to be pretty costly. Does anyone have any recommendations for fairly cheap places? Any leads much appreciated...
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    Maths query - RATIOS

    Hi, I'm mathematically illiterate so I'd appreciate any help with the following query, laughably simple though it may be. I have a ratio of 60:40. The value for 40 is, let's say, 12. How do I calculate the value for 60? Sincerest thanks, Martin
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    "Black Roots And Friends" (1993) request

    It's come to this...anyway, just wondering, if anyone has a copy of Black Roots' "Black Roots And Friends" album from '93, would you please mind slinging me a copy on MP3? I'd be much obliged. I would buy it but it's been out of stock since 3 months after it came out and I've yet to unturn a...
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    Despite TV

    This is probably as futile as attempting to compile a definitive Billy Childish discography, but on the off-chance...does anybody have a clue where I might be able to obtain a list of complete Despite TV video productions? There's a site called Spectacle Productions that has a list of DTV...
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    Firefox query driving me nuts

    Right, I've got Safari and Firefox installed on OSX Leopard. Firefox is better for handling Flash sites. Only problem is my Firefox (3.6.3, latest version) seems to be really temperamental - some days it works fine, others I just get a blank page, with the message 'Done' and typing in direct...