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  1. Gavin

    Obscure Proxy Servers

    Ok, I can't stands no more. My office has an EXTREMELY ZEALOUS filter on the internet here, which is quite annoying since it's a school which should encourage the free flow of information. The latest ramping up has got me ready to break some rules: they've just banned EMAIL (except for company...
  2. Gavin

    Merengue de Calle / Domincan Mambo

    Just blogged this: picked up a random mixtape in the DR (asked for "como merengue con 'BASS'") the (new?) underground Dominican sound, soon to be incorporated into the pan-Latin hip-hop stew (already on the latest Tego album) -- MAMBO aka MERENGUE DE CALLE (street merengue). Sounds...
  3. Gavin

    Turkish et al

    Tried to send this to Zhao and Baboon via PM -- clear out you inboxes, gentlemen! Instead I offer this, a friend's mix of mostly Turkish pop, for everyone:
  4. Gavin

    Art/Art History Books

    I'm teaching a lot of art history these days, although I have a rather weak formal background in it. I would appreciate some recommendations on books about art/art history, any scope, from the bookish and artish individuals of this forum.
  5. Gavin


    I have made a living teaching in one capacity or another for several years now, but I don't think I am any better now than when I started. Well, I think I am better at convincing my students I know what I'm doing, which is 75% of teaching, right? I know some Dissensoids out there teach...
  6. Gavin

    Worth dying for

    I had my humanities classes read an excerpt from Antigone, and we went through the standard discussion of the relation of state/law to ethics/morality. To my surprise, many of my students interpreted Antigone as a "drama queen" who just wanted attention (I think it was due to the part where...
  7. Gavin

    Magazine Subscriptions

    I have recently secured a job with a steady paycheck and a small amount of disposable income. I have not had a magazine subscription in years. I have not had the money, and most magazines are shit anyway, right? But I want some now. Good ones. I would like your suggestions for Dissensian-type...