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    The Dissensus Poorly Titled Spiritual Jazz Thread

    is this kind of thing just described as jazz, or is there some kind of definition/sub genre? would love to find more stuff similar but dont know where to start! any recommendations would be lovely credit to ben ufo for playing it on rinse btw
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    Graphene Obviously early days, but he potential of this is pretty mindblowing.
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    Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles LP Can stream the whole album here. One of the best electronic music albums I have heard in ages, every tune is wrote so well with such impressive production and song writing. 2 producers at the top of their game. Also...
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    Seems to be pretty set in stone now that Vinyl in clubs is dying out. Pretty tragic that people like Youngsta had to switch just cos clubs can't be bothered to look after turntables. Also CDJ mixes can sound so machine-like sometimes, can hear them a mile off. Does anyone know why clubs have...
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    Right so he's been about for a long time i know. But this year his music has just been crazy. The Hemlock 12", the Hessle EP, then Work Them/Fall Short... A whole loads of amazing remixes and dubs. Not to mention mixes, the Bestimix and the recent one from the Marry Anne Hobbs show are maybe my...