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  1. Benny B

    Depeche Mode

    A band I suspect I've always unfairly overlooked. If I'm right the trajectory was sort of bouncy synth pop, then Vince Clarke left and they went more goth, then it was stadiums and leather kecks. Is that right? Someone school me on them cos I've never listened to the albums, just the more famous...
  2. Benny B

    Poetry in translation/reading in other languages

    @woops idea, thought I'd start it for him though. Fascinating topic in general Not just a thread to post poems you like, though that's fine, but also to discuss the issues - what translators should be aiming for, good and bad examples, what is lost and what is gained. Apart from English I only...
  3. Benny B

    Fire and Brimstone

    Your favourite righteous religious fundamentalist bangers in here please. Expecting lots of Jamaica which is fine and to be encouraged, but maybe you lot can come up with other stuff too. For example:
  4. Benny B


    You may vote three times. Don't ask why, and do not quibble over the options, there are only 10 possible.
  5. Benny B

    Very short poems you like

    In a Station of the Metro The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough.
  6. Benny B

    Cheapo nasty midi horn fanfares

    As a sort of offshoot of the 2000s worst decade ever thread I suppose. I'm fond of them even though they're undeniably lame and weedy Rap, grime, dancehall, and nuum primarily ofc, but other stuff is welcome if it's good
  7. Benny B

    Songs of revenge

    Nobody's off limits Not even your friends You gon' suffer, you gon' suffer...
  8. Benny B

    Poetry anthology recommendations please

    Enjoying reading poetry a bit more recently, probably cos I only get to read without distractions for short snatches of time, and I left all my books behind when i moved to spain - no more picking things up for cheap in 2nd hand bookshops. Whats worth spalshing out on?
  9. Benny B

    Slow motion videos that blow your mind

  10. Benny B

    his name is al-kat abu abdulah القط ابوعبدالله

    Sufi: some phrases are kind of standard like ya lel ya leil means oh the night, then there are generally lot of shout outs and so on, so a lot of it is spontaneous but wthin some sort of framework i reckon, it's not a track though that is like one actual song, at least not until it gets...
  11. Benny B

    Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

    1927! Mindblowing What other recordings achieve a similar atmosphere?
  12. Benny B

    Super hi-fi tunes

    The sort of thing geeky audiophiles test their equipment with. Give me some suggestions any genre, I've just got some nice new headphones.
  13. Benny B

    Posse cuts/all-star joints

    What are the good ones? And who has the best line in the song? (Any genre) Inspired by hearing this again for first time in ages and realising how classic it is I reckon Diddy himself takes it with: Yeah living the raw deal three course meals spaghetti, fettuccine and veal But still...
  14. Benny B

    New Dancehall

    A thread I think dissensus has been crying out for. Thought it would be good to start with a roundup of some of the big names at the moment and their best stuff over the last year or so I'll start with Intence, who's obviously he's been discussed a fair bit here before. He's my favourite out...
  15. Benny B

    Art history book recommendation please

    As a present for my niece whos going to study at uni next year. Comprehensive with good pictures, that I can order off amazon. @Corpsey maybe knows?
  16. Benny B

    Flute Riddims

    Dancehall, grime, rap, r&b, whatever really
  17. Benny B

    We are the music makers...

    ..and we are dreamers of the dreams
  18. Benny B

    New York Rave 1. Dum Dum Cry (Dum Club Version) - Masters At Work 2. I Can't Quit (Dub Version) - Bamboo 3. A Day in the Life (Club Mix) - Black Riot 4. Get Up (Club Mix) - Underground Kids 5. Two Notches (The War Call) - Rhythm Warfare 6. City...
  19. Benny B

    Gems from Grime's 'mixtape' years

    (Roughly 2005 to 2010ish?) This is when I belatedly got into grime, when it was definitely past its peak but still there was always 2 or 3 gems on most mixtapes in amongst swathes of filler. So let's remember what they were. Wiley - If you're going out I'm going out too
  20. Benny B

    Ravey New York dance music - late 80s-early 90s

    Stuff that fed into the uk rave scene and reminds you of hardcore, basically. House, techno and hip hop colliding. Samples, breakbeats, divas and feverish energy. Not boring. Almost anything goes if its from NY in the given timeframe but please keep it ravey - there's already a deep house and...