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  1. wreckTech

    Wreck Tech - Live in NYC (please, please please listen)

    i don't like begging on the internet. but i finally have a board recording of me doing my thing, and I'd love some people who aren't from Brooklyn NY to hear it, because i'm really proud of it. its a big download, i know, but i have two choices (320, 192) to make it easier. track list is...
  2. wreckTech

    Dirupt Guest DJ Set

    one of my favorite producers ever. guest dj mix 2NITE 1hr of exclusive / unreleased jahtari yikes The Math + Science Show WNYU nyc - 89.1 fm ### - @@ - iTunes radio ('wnyu' under 'eclectic') 10:30pm ET sorry for spam but i'm so excited :-0 <3 wreck james
  3. wreckTech

    90s Dancehall Recommendations?

    air raid siren machine gun firing etc. been really into early buju banton as of late. its a shame that songs about killing gay people can be as wonderfully produced as they are bigoted. any recommendations?
  4. wreckTech

    Grievous Angel - Lickle Fiction (appreciation thread)

    assuming you bracket all that jazz about "the black voice as spice" and how snippets of ragga vocals are played or some lame white boy badge of whatever... this song is so good.
  5. wreckTech

    Mars Volta Dubby Remix

    Mars Volta - Asilos Magdalena (Knifeshow remix) if anyone is interested i can drop a 320 DL link. thanks for listening!!
  6. wreckTech

    Dirty, Lazer-Laden Dubstep from Brooklyn

    check these two new jams from Brooklyn's newest electronic duo Knifeshow, and me. they're imeem'd up for easy facebook sharing and etc. Knifeshow - Chant Wreck Tech - Minus Rick...
  7. wreckTech

    Miami - where the records at?

    im in miami for a couple days where do i find cheap records and otto von schirach's house?
  8. wreckTech

    robot dj glove controls Clipse remix

    shameless, i know. but still. <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
  9. wreckTech

    GhettoTek / B-more Recomendations

    got asked to do a valentines day set of filthy crunk/b-more shit. i love that stuff but i'm a radio dj so my collection is sorta light in terms of the genre. fcc violations and whatnot. any recomendations as to artists / places to download said ish? thanks! ps i still have my dj assault...