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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    minimal wave oi
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    RIP Patrick Adams

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    Contemporary libido

    High expectations for this thread, keep going lads
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    Silly-but-good-electro-pop one hit wonder singles

    He was a Polish blues rock guy and had a couple of new wave hits, but for this album he shifted to the winning 808/303 combo. Think this song is a poetic exposition of the 'fate of the centipede' but my Duolingo Polish only gets me so far
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    Silly-but-good-electro-pop one hit wonder singles

    Not totally sure what the brief is here but I've got a feeling this might fit the bill
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    What brought you to this forum in the first place?

    Been here since day one, thinking of it as the continuity spot for the discussions and drama of the Woebot, K-Punk, Blissblogger et al's comment boxes. Tend to lurk rather than post these days. Barty and Thirdform breathed some new life into things for a bit but I don't really see the forum as...
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    I recorded one motorik song with a Liverpool space rock band mentioned upthread
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    When Belgium Ruled the World

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    The important thing about krautrock is that almost all of it is absolutely fucking awful. Faust, Neu, Cluster, Popol Vuh are outliers. If anyone tries to get you to listen to Xhol Caravan or some shit ignore them. Every other band in 1970s West Germany that's not on that list are dreadful
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    I quite like krautrock. Cluster, Harmonia and Faust are my favourites
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    tracker music

    I made my first tunes on an Amiga 500 using tracker software. No real recollection how I did it tbh
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    Neon Screams!

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    Slav to the Rhythm on Repeater Radio

    Cosmic sounds after Crazy Stitch later
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    Cafe oto vs pizza express jazz club

    Yeah, Ron's always been the unpredictable element in Morphogenesis, sometimes to the annoyance of other members. Have good memories of his impromptu 'social interventions' at LMC gigs, handing out instruments and setting up a mini PA outside the venue. He was (hopefully still is) an obsessive...
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    Cafe oto vs pizza express jazz club

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    Slav to the Rhythm on Repeater Radio

    On Repeater Radio tonight lads, at 21:00, after Crazy Stitch