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    New from old dissensian Ripley: Hello Exile - jungle juke footwork and more.

    oy cats. Don't think I've posted this here yet - my latest mix Hello Exile TRACKLIST: 1. Leak Riddim VIP - Starkey 2. Everything it's a New Surprise - Cardopusher 3. Cop that flip - LL/ Lazer Sword 4. Nitemare - DJ Funeral 5. Dippin' Trappin - El...
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    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps"

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps" Hello all. I've been playing around with integrating juke into my live sets for a while, and finally got around to memorializing that in a mix, as usual, torn apart and reconstituted with lots of other bootyshaking beats...
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    Ripley's Australian Tour: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

    Hello folks. I forgot to post about this before I played in Newcastle, but there are still chances for Aussies to catch a ripley set: Brisbane, this Wednesday the 7th with the Scuba Tank crew, at the 320 club. Melbourne, Friday Oct 9 at Roxanne Lounge see info here -->...
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    John Stewart demolishing CNBC Cramer brilliant except it's true which sucks
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    Well? Giant Lego man washes up on a beach in Brighton?

    who has anything to add to this?
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    Upper Classes "take personal credit for accidents of birth"

    sorry I just got depressed seeing the headline about working class people every time I logged in. I would like to know, though, exactly how people in the other thread are accounting for accidents of birth which provide some people with a lot of social advantages, which social advantages would...
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    new ripley mix: To The Party Members (backing into 4x4)

    Comrades, fellow travelers and committed members of the party, I present to you: The aftereffects of a sustained indoctrination of my breakcore roots by four-on-the-floor and 125-140 beats. Infiltrators of my brokenbeat, amen-pure mental state included: Donna Summer, Com.a, Passions, DJ Family...
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    US Dockworkers close down all US West Coast Ports to protest Iraq War

    Speaking of industrial action...Not getting the coverage it could, for some strange reason. But all ports from San Diego to Seattle were shut down today by the ILWU. and two ports in Iraq closed in solidarity (by the Iraqi Dockworkers union) I was at the rally today, it was pretty interesting.
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    Anyone feeling Zulu (US MC)?

    Curious what folks think of Zulu (out of Chicago) He's worked with DJ C, who recently posted a slew of zulu a capellas for people to mess with and re-post the (Argentinian) Frikstailers did some cool remixes, one of which popped up on /rupture's radio show.. some new stuff out with David Last...
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    owning your web presence/history?

    In the light of a few recent developments, which led to someone wanting their entire history of participation removed from the board... I'm struck by what an interesting idea that is. I understand removing your current presence. But removing your past presence, that's something else again. I'm...
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    Kid Kameleon and Ripley @ Barcade, Los Angeles Mar1

    we are going down to Los Angeles for a weekend of fun that includes a little gig in Koreatown with LA Dub Squad! Come out and say hi. Can't promise reduced entry cos it's free. But I can promise...... vintage video games! 10pm - 2am saturday night 371 n. western ave (at oakwood) btween...
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    two mixes from ripley

    two mixes, one in a more dare-i-say-it dubsteppish flavor, one in a more reggaeton breakcore mentalism style the dubsteppish one: insensible ( that I did for the Artofbeatz radio show in vancouver, BC and the other one is histeria...
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    SF/Bay Area: Surya Dub Jan 27! Ripley, Kid K and more,,

    Next Saturday Jan 27th - a new monthly event, or it will be if we get the crowds so come represent!- SURYA DUB: Global Dubwize Vibes and Dread Bass Culture: 2 floors of music In the SuB HZ den: Live Dubsession: Kush Arora Special guest SUBTEK(Grime City/B.I.G. CREW) Maneesh The Twister...
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    Ripley in Kid K in NYC: gigs 29th? Jan 3rd maybe NYE

    Hi y'all. we are still looking to play New Year's Eve since we have no confirmation on our original idea. Any of y'all looking for a couple of djs who can throw down all kinds of whatnots, you know we're good for it. But the news anyway is that we will definitely be playing Pure Fire the...
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    Oaxaca? Anyone?

    So, fighting in the streets, the army and federal police sent in, sexually assaulting female protestors. Retaliation includings (at some points) sending the federal police into full flight and beating up one downed officer (of course that footage is played over and over again on national news...
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    US sets up war with Iran situation?

    Anyone know more about this? I received this email from someone connected with indymedia, with links to support it that are about a week old. It suggests the US is preparing a setup for a war with Iran: "US Warships are currently steaming toward the Persian Gulf, Iran's front yard, scheduled to...
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    DJ C, Kid Kameleon, Ripley and more in London, Bristol etc.

    Yes y'all, it's your chance. We're playing at Rhythm Factory tomorrow (Friday June 30th) with Mathhead, Adverse Camber, Torment, and peeps from Resonance FM, it's a benefit for Resonance FM, good cause, good music. We play in Bristol the following weekend, as well. Check this site for the...
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    Australians: what the f*ck is going on?

    I haven't found much specific history about this - was there something that set it off?,10117,17532940-2,00.html
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    DJ C (Mashit) and Ripley in NYC Oct 21!

    DJ C, meister of Mashit Records and co-meister of beat research, will headline at The Bunker, reeling out his usual mashit and beat research flavors of wubbity bass, stormin beats, ragga vox and whimsy, and ALSO likely debuting the "boston bounce" sound originated at the already legendary Beat...
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    Trapped in the closet - synced and linked

    So this cat Michael Bell-Smith layered all 5 sections of R. Kelly's magnum opus together, synced up, in tune, and the videos are simultaneously overlaid.. does that make sense? anyway it's pretty cool - all 5 episodes of the story at once, and it has this weird ebb and flow as each verse peaks...