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  1. nomos

    Album title that best describes your musical tastes

    Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
  2. nomos

    90s Boiler Room

    Classic Plastikman set
  3. nomos

    Ligotti recommendations

    Just cottoning on to him. What's good?
  4. nomos

    Make up band names

    Sorority of the Spectacle - Situationist girl pop Comic Tones for Mental Frailty - Sun Ra comedy act The Male Gayz - art school queer punk LOLzepam - ironic shoegaze * If you use one of these and make money I get a cut :p
  5. nomos

    16- or 24-bit audio interface?

    Possibly a dumb question, but would I be able to play 24-bit audio files through a 16-bit audio interface? Likewise, if someone gave me 24-bit files to work with, would I be able to edit them using a 16-bit interface? I'm not clear on what's handled by the computer and what's handled by the...
  6. nomos

    There's no such thing as Margaret Thatcher

    #nowthatchersdead is trending. FYI Cher is fine.
  7. nomos

    cleaning mixer pots?

    any tips? is deoxit the best thing? i tried vaccuuming it but it didn't help much. my current strategy of banging my monitor knob until i get both channels balanced probably isn't sustainable. :rolleyes:
  8. nomos

    Privatize Maggie's State Funeral
  9. nomos

    What's going on with my ears?

    I nearly returned my new headphones today, convinced that the sound coming out of them was unbalanced. Highs are fine, same with mids and the lowest lows. But in the upper bass range, it's like it all slides over to the left. So before leaving to make my case at the stereo store, I decided...
  10. nomos

    Third Base Sound System

    Anyone know the wattage of the Third Base system when DMZ ran there? Martin, perhaps? Need to know for a thing I'm doing. As you were.
  11. nomos

    Is it OK to cut out pictures from picture books?

    I have some picture books that I don't pull off the shelf very often. Some of them have great pictures in them that I'd like to have in frames on my walls. But I've always thought it was wrong to cut up books. Would you?
  12. nomos

    Mohamed Abdel Wahab

    Thought I'd share a bit of a treasure trove that I happened upon. A while back, I bought an Abdel Halim Hafez album. (It was after the 'Timbaland Steals Arabic Music' thread - see 'Big Pimpin'). <object width="494" height="395"><param name="movie"...
  13. nomos

    Resonance FM: Ekoplekz and Hacker Farm

    Just getting started: Ekoplekz aka Nick Gutterbreakz Hacker Farm aka Farmer Glitch + Kek-w
  14. nomos

    six tre chevrolet (lowrider hits)

    switches, chrome, synth bass, bounce. no jeep beats. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  15. nomos

    Big names in mastering

    I'm becoming increasingly fascinated with mastering and the usually quite anonymous, often overlooked, art-science of shaping the final sounds of records. Also interested in styles/approaches of the people tasked with the paradoxical job of lending their touch to a record, after it's left the...
  16. nomos

    Mr.Bump (paulautonomic) UKG/8-bar/Grime mix

    Mr.Bump live at Komodo Dubs, Montreal (Feb 2010) 1 hour session from February, opening for Shackleton and Reza Rekta (Anti Social) alongside the Montreal gang: Komodo, Hosta and Bus. Straightforward Ableton set here: Spooky garridge, bassline pressure, 8-bar and early, instrumental grime...
  17. nomos

    London pirate radio doc

    Matt Mason with Logan, Scratcha and Jammer so far...
  18. nomos

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    Saw the group on facebook and a mention in the dubstep thread. There's a bit of info on the fb page but it's a bit 'ALL CAPS.' Maybe someone like Boom or Blackdown can tell us more?
  19. nomos

    Watching Metropolis with Jeff Mills

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  20. nomos

    MTL: Shackleton, Razor Rekta, Mr. Bump and more

    Montreal: 20 February 2010 Komodo Dubs kicks off 2010 with... 1. SHACKLETON (Perlon, Skull Disco). The man, the legend, the pioneering producer. Shackleton is a composer in his own league, creating contemporary bass music for the new decade and the new century. A rare *live* performance, not...