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    i'm thinking of going to marrakech for a short holiday,just wondering if anyone has any advice/recommendations? i'd be interested in hearing some music while i'm there,and other than that i'll hopefully just spend a lot of time walking around the city,so if there's any areas that are...
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    papa wendo

    there was an intriguing obituary in this week's economist for papa wendo,a congolese rhumba musician. i've never heard of him,but the article certainly made me wish i had,i was surprised that a search for him here didn't come up with anything. so does anyone know much about him? any...
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    quick question about how music is recorded

    you know the way when you listen to an album by a band what you are listening to is not the band playing their song together,but rather each instrument recorded separately and the synchronised later on by the engineer or whoever? basically i'm wondering if this is how old jazz records (studio...
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    what should i get off

    just having a look at,seems like an incredible resource so if you were to recommend a couple of sets out of the millions they have what would they be?
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    films on

    there's a load of old films available for free on so far i'm downloading his girl friday,which i've never seen,and have already got the paleface by buster keaton,which featured the best entrance i've ever seen in a film.... anyway,i'm kind...
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    r'n'b track out at the minute that samples the drums from things done changed by big

    anyone heard it? i just heard it on 1xtra,didnt catch the name it's quality it has a male and female vocal also,any other good r'n'b at the moment?
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    mp3 players

    can anyone recommend a good mp3 player? winamp and windows media player both wreck my head,they seem so user unfriendly is there an acknowledged rival thats pretty straightforeward?
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    anyone seen this? i saw it last night after one of my friends spend two weeks going on about it... wasn't sure what to think of it,it seemed so unrelentingly nasty in a way that even taxi driver or whatever wasn't... appearently its all a big allegory for how america treats immigrants or...