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    the megaupload song

    this prob doesnt deserve its own thread, but i thought it was funny. and amazing actually. why did yousendit never think of this? or sendspace? im trying to think of other filesharing companies that have faded (RIP) but might not have done had they had done something like this...
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    Voyeurism Double Bill at the Shacklewell Arms (Dalston) 08/01/12

    Hey all Just to let you know, there will be a Voyeurism Double Bill on Sunday Jan 8th at 4.30 pm at the Shacklewell Arms, £5 on the door. Will be showing Paul 'Taxi Driver/Raging Bull/American Gigolo' Schrader's Auto Focus with Greg Kinnear and Willem Defoe, and Steven Soderbergh's sex, lies...
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    Harmony Korine Double Bill at The Shackwell Arms

    My fellow dissensians Just to let you know there will be a VHS screening of both Gummo and Trash Humpers on the 6th November at 6pm, taking place at The Shackewell Arms. Only £5. Hope to see some of you there...
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    starting a film club

    like cigarette burns or midnight movies or one of those. how easy is it to do? can you expect to break even or is it a total loss making venture? are hire costs set in stone or do venues negotiate? anyone here ever been part of a film club?
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    erotic capital and 'honey money' so there's this new book out about this. ive read a few columns about it. the argument (apart from reminding us, just in case the non-superficial society we live in made us forget, that good looks and charm can do...
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    i found some new music that excited me ignored all the kuedo stuff til now for some reason as i thought it was pale and insipid post dubstep/nu trip hop stuff (not sure why) but instead it is actually like hip hop beats i love and old 70s synth...
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    planet of the apes

    i LOVE these films first one is ultra classic and jane harrison aka nova was really hot second one i think might actually be better than the first one only seen conquest after that which i did like but seemed to carry less of the interesting philosophical arguments/questions and was a lot more...
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    accents which rub you the wrong way basically. i went to see an exhibition the other week, got the date wrong, so it wasnt even ON yet, but the woman at the desk was one of these aggressively posh early 20s girls with one of those ultra cut-glass accents that i happen to like in drama (and some...
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    is dissensus dead?

    i mean its not 100% RIP by any means but it does seem really slow compared to when i first came here. is it just cos there arent many new users?
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    how the US crushed youth resistance (swipe)

    how 8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance The ruling elite has created social institutions that have subdued young Americans...
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    classic directors/films you dont get

    saw tarkovskys solaris last night. was looking forward to it for a while as i liked the soderbergh remake with clooney though thought it was a little too taut/efficient so assumed the original would give it more space to breathe. and it did. to a ridiculous extent. tbh it might have been cos i...
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    do we really need the digital switchover?

    my parents - partly cos i think all their friends have got new tvs - decided they just HAD to get a new wide screen tv too, despite their old one working just fine, and tbh, i think its a needless waste of money. i know the old one will be obsolete when the digital switchover is complete, but im...
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    everything popular is wrong. why making it electronic music is harder than ever.

    found this a very good read. i would paste the text but its too long to be allowed apparently.
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    ipod repairs

    is it worth it? i found one place in brighton that does mail order repair (mine needs a new HD) for about £70 inclusive but on ebay you can pick up the same models, modified for about £10 less (though i would still then be stuck with a useless ld machine lying around) anyone know a...
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    16mm RIP? predictable enough, what with everything going digital. bit sad though. does depend on what it is obv, but i dont like the harsh precision of digital that much, no texture there, but then thats what people want isnt it...
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    poshness and pop is this really why a lot of music (though she applies it to the arts in general) isnt that interesting anymore?
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    romance on a budget

    has this thread been done before? im sure it has. but i cant find it. how can i look like i have money to spend without actually having it? (ie what places can i take a girl to without me/the place looking cheap, despite being a pauper) london can be bloody expensive. i might have to style...
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    john pilgers the war you dont see only 7 days left to watch it but if you havent seen it i really recommend it this is a seriously excellent challenging piece of filmmaking one of the best docus ive seen in a while real shame this wasnt shown at a better slot really great film...
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    rolling tv thread

    i just started watching 'him and her' on bbc iplayer. one of the best dramedies/comedrama (what do you call these things?) ive seen in a while. funny programme about a 20 something unemployed couple. combines the sort of realism/ordinariness of what i imagine gavin and stacey to be (never...
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    man, i have a crush. a baaaad crush. trying to figure out if im crushing on the notion of crushing or the object of my crushdom itself (it may be both). how do you get rid of a crush?