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  1. slackk

    london radio sets

    no fucking about please xmas day rinse fm shows first
  2. slackk

    Boxed this Friday at Plan B, Brixton- Slackk, Logos, Mr Mitch, Oil Gang, Grandmixxer

    South London crew. Loads of instrumental grime, will be lively.
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    Boxed, a grime night in Peckham, 23rd March- Mr Mitch, Slackk, Oil Gang, Logos

    if you're about. instrumental night, new stuff
  4. slackk

    Patrice & Friends, Live From ECO, Madrid

    I went out to Madrid to play the ECO festival in Matadero last month and the audio is now on the Red Bull site- Lots of Patrice, lots of Juke, some things pitched up far more than they should, a lot of Mahou. My headphones popped at about an hour...
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    Producers/Musicians Who Disappear

    Don't really know if this actually worthy of discussion or if it's just a half-hearted ramble, but I've spent most of the morning listening to Waifer stuff- mostly this - and it got me thinking about the fact that the vast majority of my favourite MCs and producers are ones who really only...
  6. slackk

    New mix from me for Hyponik

    Loads of dubs and that; Tracklisting: 01. MIK- Shadow Of Death (BD1982) 02. Kingdom- Stalker Ha (Night Slugs) 03. Slackk- Girl Song (Diskotopia) 04. NKC- Finale (CD-R) 05. DJ Soulja Man- Eski-Tech (CD-R) 06. Mr Mitch- Q Bert 2 (CD-R) 07. MIK- In...
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    Slackk- She's A Vector, out today Out in other places apart from boomkat as well obviously.
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    Patrice & Friends- Cashmere Sheets / Out Now

    Ello all. This is a little side-project from me really; bit hard to explain but basically juke tempo, a lot of samples and some romantic vocals in there too. You can get it here- - either pay what you want download or £6 for the CD with extra tracks and whatnot...
  9. slackk

    Slackk on Deja Vu; A Rolling Thread, Perhaps

    As I will inevitably spam up every show I do, I thought it best they all go in one place. I'm really pleased with this show. The first one got lost, which is a shame, but this one is much better anyway. 22/08/11 // MIXCLOUD // DOWNLOAD//...
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    A MIX I DID FOR TIM & BARRY (HOUSE, GRIME ETC) Bit of house, grime and eventually a little of bit of far too fast wiley soca & juke that I struggled to mix & almost clanged. Power hour. STREAM-
  11. slackk

    10/02/11, Brackles B2B Slackk / Rinse FM Seeing as the podcast is having problems at the moment. I think we're doing a tracklisting for this but there isn't one yet.
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    10/10, Papaya- Jam City, Tom Lea B2B Deamonds, Slackk & more

    No flyer yet but I thought I'd just throw this in here because well it's the best place for it on here isn't it. 10th October, Catch Bar; 22 Kingsland Road. Jam City (Night Slugs) Slackk (Numbers) Tom Lea B2B Deamonds (Local Action/Fact/It's Alll About) Oil Gang (Oil Gang, Sub FM) Lethem 80s...
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    My Dad's Records Vol. 1 / Acid House Mix

    Not pretending to be an expert or anything, just tunes I have vinyl rips of that I like. STREAM- DOWNLOAD- TRACKLIST 1. "Love Sensation Intro"- Loletta Holloway 2. "Video Clash"- Lil Louis 3. "Too Much (Acid...
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    [bristol] work: Altered natives & slackk - 30/07/10

    Not my blurb but yeah.
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    I'm doing 90 minutes in Cambridge this Saturday

    Line Up: Slackk Buckles b2b Vic Tandy laboratory residents: Oslek Giddy Saturday 22nd May@ The Great Northern 1-3 Station Road Cambridge CB1 2JB 7PM-1AM £2 Entry
  17. slackk

    18/04/10, Slackk B2B Oil Gang / Eski House & Grime Set was quite hard. Spooky - Malibu Beach Moony - Blue Planet (Dark Runson Remix) Roska - Time Stamp DJ Champion Dubplate NAH Slackk - Drum Jam Spooky - Naughty Chloe XTC - Funkytions Dark...
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    Slackk Eski House Mix; Lower End Spasm
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    Slackk / March '10 House Mix

    Trying to put one of these out every month from now on. Some exclusive shit, some South African and whatnot. This one's a zoners. "BOXIN"- LIKHAN "NO FEAR" - DJ CLOCK "ROLENTO"- KIPO "YOU"- KINGDOM "U NEED ME" - DJ SDOKO "GOLD BRICKS, I...
  20. slackk

    Raves in London tomorrow.

    What's worth going to. No dubstep, please, and I'm not going to Fabric either, as much as I'm sure it'll be good. Want something a bit smaller, preferably East.