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  1. rewch

    beethoven & bmw outrage

    latest heresy from evil advertising appropriators is to take the 3rd(?) movement from beethoven's ninth symphony & tweak it... one assume from the tone of the advert that bmw have made their cars better & have had the presumption to improve beethoven... would love to know which agency made...
  2. rewch

    Can dogs predict their owner's return?

    well can they? help find out... well, statistically, at least image courtesy of henningsen3(?)
  3. rewch

    Les Chants de Maldoror

    Have just finished reading this in translation (red face of shame)... spectaculalry weird nonsense beloved of the Surrealists (it was illustrated by Dalí in 1934 and is definitely his only good illustrated book)... but it's a complete enigma... published in Brussells (first Chant only) in 1867...
  4. rewch

    Blackout London

    BLACKOUT LONDON 4th November 2006 Starting at Sunset 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of People Power that London has ever seen on Saturday 4 th November 2006,by turning off all your lights, and switching off all your non-essential electrical...
  5. rewch

    typeface design/font making

    i need to make a font from a character set that only exists as a lithograph... have scanned each letter & have them as eps... all the information i can find seems to point to fontographer... not sure i want to spend $349 for one thing... does any anyone have any thoughts/shortcuts/advice?
  6. rewch

    tapper zukie

    was listening to man ah warrior last night for the first time for ages... superb... cd version has several bonus tracks including the spectacular Liberation Struggle & Double Struggle... both based on a Keith Hudson tune for President Shorty's Barbican Heights... damn fine
  7. rewch

    Bob Mould Interview

    legendary hüsker dü guitar diva interviewed in the onion av club & the man's boblog grant hart gets some stick, but no mention of greg norton & his restaurant ... signature dish: cherry-covered elk-tenderloin
  8. rewch

    Eduardo Paolozzi

    sadly now r.i.p.
  9. rewch

    John Bolton - Dark Lord of the Shit?

    john bolton is a very scary man... almost makes Feith look left wing... also has a most spectacular wig! and had a classic off the record altercation with john pilger during filming for truth & lies in the war against terror which you can view here anyone one with a wig like that can't be...
  10. rewch


    aphyonus basketwork_eel blob_fish chimaera_fish chimaera_pup coffinfish crab fangtooth hatchetfish lizard_fish prickly_shark umbrella_mouth_gulper_eel
  11. rewch

    Errol Thompson R. I. P.

    saw this...very sad:,,1369509,00.html