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    cuts - preliminary skirmishes

    Went down to the London anti-cuts demo in Whitehall tonight. Got to whitehall before the student demo arrived, probably around 500 people there. The organisers announced that the police had agreed to close Whitehall from 6 pm so people should go into the road - some of us did but the first car...
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    charlie gillet RIP

    True I'm afraid: Which means that one of his last acts was to give his name to a campaign against immigration restrictions on musicians and artists:
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    The Heygate Estate in Elephant And Castle

    Nil by Mouth was mainly filmed on Pepys Estate in Deptford, not aware that any of it was shot on Heygate but I may be wrong.
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    90's 'dance'

    Not exactly, but according to this song's very own wikipedia entry, it includes samples from "Let the Words Flow" by Chill Rob G, "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown, and "King Of The Beats" by Mantronix.
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    90's 'dance'

    Surprized nobody's mentioned The Power by Snap yet! Subject of a long legal battle over the supposed Jocelyn Brown sample this a 1990 classic. It always makes me think of the poll tax riots of that year, as some anarchists put out a video of riot highlights with this song as the soundtrack. It...
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    The Heygate Estate in Elephant And Castle

    Since the Estate was emptied out, pending demolition, it has been used a lot for film, TV and the odd music video. Among the latter, there's 'Love Let Me Go (David Guetta vs The Egg)'. I have posted about this previously at my blog...
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    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    The East London Line will be back open soon so maybe the vibe will move South - come on down to New Cross!
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    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    Also the seOne club has closed, blamed on recession but violence and heavy security/licensing conditions also factors:
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    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    It's true that a request for a licence review doesn't necessarily mean losing the licence - at this stage it's just as likely there will be new and more restrictive conditions put on the licence - e.g. changing the opening hours, restricting the numbers of people, requiring addtional security -...
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    Crisis Music

    Nearly 18 months into current financial crisis, the immediate risk of banks collapsing etc. might have gone but the real impact on the rest of us is just starting in terms of cuts, redundancies and general austerity. Greece and Ireland today, here tomorrow? So where's the crisis music? Talking...
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    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    Don't know whether people have picked up that the Ministry of Sound is also concerned about its future, not because of police but because of redevelopment in the area:
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    Dubstep on my mouth This made me smile:
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    Chris Harman RIP

    Know what you mean, unfortunately my Latin isn't sophisticated enought to be able to respond, 'it's one thing not to speak ill of the dead, quite another to excessively praise the dead to seemingly absurd lengths'
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    Chris Harman RIP

    Couldn't help thinking that the obituary in the Independent, by SWP colleague John Molyneux, was a little over the top though: 'At the time of his death he was, in my opinion, the foremost Marxist theorist in the world'. Really?
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    Best Christmas Records Ever.

    That Saint Etienne track is my personal favourite, saw them doing at their 2003 Xmas show with Edwin Collins singing Tim Burgess's part. Also really love Just Like Christmas by Low: Must admit I am very partial to cover versions of trad Xmas songs...
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    Dance music in Europe

    Also, what about the popularity of bangin' kick drums in areas where is a strong culture of marching bands. I am thinking particularly of Northern Ireland and Scotland, where both Republican Flute bands and their loyalist equivalents are centred around somebody walking along banging an enormous...
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    Borders UK facing administration...?

    Yes I too hoped that some through fluky side effect of the credit crunch the UK Border Agency had collapsed leaving abandoned detention centres in its wake, and letting migrant cleaners go about their daily business without the threat of being dragged out of work and locked up like murderers...
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    King Midas Sound

    KMS at Hyperdub:
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    London Funky MC Murdered

    Sad news about the death of 19-year-old London MC Charmz (Carl Beatson Asiedu), stabbed after performing at Club Life in Vauxhall on Saturday night:
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    Associating colours and sounds

    Then you've got that weird scientific spectrum of noise colours based on 'spectral density' (whatever that is) - this comes up - White noise - Pink (or 1/f) noise - Red (or Brown) noise - Blue (or azure) noise - Violet (or purple) noise - Grey noise I have posted elsewhere on Derek...