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    Ballard's influence on Chris Morris

    I know I could just have concocted this as an example of an ideal Dissensus thread, but seriously: I'm just reading The Atrocity Exhibition for the first time and the twisting of language, incongruous noun-collisions, almost self-parodic austerity, etc., reminds me very much of Brass Eye and...
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    new mix from Bass Clef

    Scroll down towards the bottom of the January issue of the Dummy monthly email newsletter here.
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    'deep funk'

    The continual CD compilations of unearthed rare funk 7"s on Soul Jazz, Jazzman etc. suggest there must be a market for this kind of thing, but I never hear much talk about it. Personally I love it in small doses. Any thoughts? It's a weird situation in a way because the obscurities probably get...
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    that Kode 9 quote about internalising the structure of jungle

    Saw it on a blog somewhere, anyone know the original source?
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    Red Sparowes/Pelican/Isis/Khanate

    I think I might like this kind of thing, can anyone recommend the single most crucial album from this scene for me to buy first?
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    essential Radio 4 documentary!

    Available for another week here. Christopher Hitchens on Leon Trotsky - in the last five minutes he starts arguing with Matthew Parris, it's showerfaces all round - includes the following gem: HITCHENS: I think we're finished. PARRIS: No, we're not. HITCHENS: Well, I have to be somewhere at...
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    if I only download one thing from Barefiles

    what should it be? Not counting the Dubstep Warz/Various Prods/Burial Breezeblocks which I already have.
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    The band not the Bowie album. Any fans? Saw them do 'Things We Lost in the Fire' at Koko in Camden on Thursday as part of Don't Look Back thing, it was great. They're one of those bands where I just have no idea how popular they really are.
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    best obscure Wikipedia pages? Now hit me with some in return.
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    can I get ill from eating too much bacon?

    I'm eating 7-8 rashers a day, every day, at the moment.
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    Yesterday I read that in 1912 Marinetti brought the first exhibition of Futurism to London, and when it got a bad review he sent some henchmen to the house of the critic to beat him up. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Adorno again

    OK I promise this is the last time I will ever ask this or any other forum to help me with exams, but: On Friday I may have to do a very long essay on 'originality', and I'd like to do it on Adorno and the standardisation of mass culture. I've never actually read any Adorno. What should I read...
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    this Breakage album

    Worth getting? Boomkat says it's 2CD, what's on the second CD?
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    great Nietzsche quote

    I know there are a million great Nietzsche quotes but this is one I've never seen quoted before: Nothing very new but it's interesting in that you don't think of Nietzsche as an anti-capitalist.
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    Goodbye to Berlin vs. Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Has anyone read both? The story about Sally in GtB is so so similar to Holly in BaT - i.e. young gay writer comes to new city and starts intimate friendship with flighty, promiscuous, beautiful 18ish-year-old struggling actress who lies about her past and sponges off rich men - and written in...
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    good small labels?

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    people who've read Adorno

    I know Dissensus is meant to be for discussion not for lazy exam cribbing, but if anyone could give me even the briefest summary of Adorno's views on the relationship between art and morality I would be very grateful. I do fully intend to read him one day, I just don't have time before Tuesday...
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    new Booka Shade album

    Is it out yet? I think the release date was meant to be the 12th but no sign of it on Boomkat, maybe they're just not stocking it.
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    Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

    Love all their collaborations, new album is less than 20 minutes long though, rip-off! Any other fans? Anyone know of anything similar?
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    good radio shows/podcasts?

    I need something to listen to - less music, more talking - while I cook, has anyone got any suggestions? So far I've been enjoying Jon Ronson but I've run out.