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    UKG revival (again)

    Decent article by Gabriel Szatan on the state of UKG in 2020 (Has he ever posted here? He has got to be a sometime lurker.) Like A Battle: The Push For UK Garage's Future Anyone been following any of the labels he mentions? Definitely feels like there's been more new UKG released/re-released...
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    Rudewhy's Speed Garage Top 100

    I've been meaning to put this together for a while now but I previously just didn't have the time (or energy) to commit to it. I've intentionally left out most of the big classics (RIP Groove, Gunman, Hype The Funk etc.) as everyone and their uncle has heard these tracks countless times before...
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    Rolling articles/essays/features/interviews thread

    I can't remember if a thread of this kind exists on here but I think it would be useful for the forum to have a rolling thread for articles, essays, features, interviews etc. that people have read and would like to share. I'll begin with a couple of obvious examples I came across this morning...
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    Tomorrow Britain finally leaves the European Union. What dance music do you most associate with your memories/experiences of Europe (if you've visited) or your impressions from a distance (if you haven't)? I'm thinking here of any tracks which conjure images or feelings along the lines of...
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    Novara Media

    Aaron Bastani, Ash Sarkar etc. There is something that does not sit right with this lot. New Era, New Media: Support Our Work I first noticed them interacting with all the usual Verso intellectual brigade on twitter around four years ago, and since then their online following has soared. They...
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    Best of 2014

    Lists please
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    Deviance and Risk on Holiday: An Ethnography of British Tourists in Ibiza Came across this study after listening to Thinking Allowed's Ethnography Award feature last week on Radio 4. Did some searching and found that it'd been featured on the programme last September (available here...
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    House & Bass 2014