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    "Please Let The World Know..."

    those are the words of the doctor who vainly attempted to help this mortally wounded young woman in Tehran today Khamanei should be hung publicly for this
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    Celestial, Behind A Note

    my new e-chapbook is available for quick, easy downloading here:
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    i havent been here in ages and im sure that there is a threat devoted to this subject somewhere in the archives...but i cant find it soooooooooo... im just discovering the world of podcasts and i was hoping some of you could link me up to some of your personal favourites thanks!
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    Space Collective
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    Issue 6 of The StarFish Journal... live as a PDF file and we have a new visual gallery that i think is worth a look...check it out of you like:
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    StarFish Journal Call-Out For Surrealist Writings

    i just want to let all aspiring Benjamin Perets out there know that The StarFish Journal, an online surrealist quarterly, is looking for submissions for the next issue please send all surrealist prose/poetry/visual art in the body of an email to: here's hoping we...
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    General Strike on 9/11 spread the word!
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    Tech-Tard Question I Need Help With

    i like to download music off the internet and burn it to CD-R...i dont own a personal computer, so i cant store it there and keep it indefinitely...i use a program called Nero Street Smart at a local net cafe to burn it onto disc recently i discovered an amazing net community that offers up...
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    Son of KRS-One Found Dead, RIP

    just sharing some news here...sincere condolences to all his people is all i can think to say right now:
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    The StarFish Has Gone Live...

    ...and it features work by the mighty Kek-W and Luka HeronBone, two people I'm sure many of you here are familia with...check it out here:
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    Journal of Radical Musicology

    im just resoure-sharing here thought some here may be interested in this:
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    Surrealist Writers--Call For Submissions

    Call-out For Submissions! Ok, I'm going to be at the editorial helm for the next issue of the mighty StarFish Journal, an online surrealist joint that has been home to a lot of critical-paranoiac fun. If you are interested in submitting something textual for the upcoming issue, please send all...
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    Robert Anton Wilson Needs Your Help

    Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help 10/02/2006 03:08:00 PM | Link I hope people I've inspired with my work would band together to help me out in my later years if I needed it. Which is at least part of the reason why I'm sending what I can to support cosmic thinking patriarch Robert Anton...
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    Mos Def getting arrested

    just thought some may be interested in watching this if they havent already:
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    Surrealism in Music

    I've been trying to find examples of musicians who themselves are Surrealist or use Surrealist techniques in their music (Trish Keenan of Broadcast, for example, uses automatic writing (seemingly) several times on her last album Tender Buttons). I'm a bit new at this, so if you could...
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    Internet Relationships and Identity

    beware folks! there are people out there who are just salivating at the chance to exploit our intrinsic need to try to lovre an connect...for the last year or so, evidence has been surmounting that my online identity has been compromised, and i would suggest that others be wary of this... ive...
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    London Surrealist Festival

    thought some here may be interested:
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    Iranian Philosopher Arrested!

    Amnesty International Action Alert...fully story here:
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    Ali G Interviews Chomsky

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    State of the Union Redress

    remember when music writing actually meant something beyond somethimg descrptive (gots a good beat, you can dance to it)...when it was something more than just nullifying debates between c-theory geeks (of which iam admittedly one) and profs (or wannabes)??? why doesnt anybody really read us...