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    Reynolds, K-Punk, Kode 9 Panel at Stratford Circus 23 February 2012
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    The South London Black Music Archive @ Peckham Space
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    R.I.P. Altered Zones Duno how many here visited this site, but very sad to see it go after such a short life..
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    R.I.P Clare Amory of Excepter - 1975 - 2011

    Clare Amory from Excepter sadly passed away. From bandmember Jon Nicholson: Excepter have had a great last couple of years, with some amazing videos (featuring Clare). Great Loss RIP. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390"...
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    Public broadcasting under threat in the US..

    Sorry if this is old to US readers. Hugely depressing to hear, but no surprise. At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding and the future of such popular programs as "Nova," "This American Life" and "Sesame Street."...
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    new Youtube channels

    Just came accross this very helpful little vid on the nuances of the new type channels that, being stupid, were giving me problems with playlists not showing up and the like. Just try stopping me now..
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    Living Root Bridges

    New Blog!
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    UK Urban Exploration Forums

    Duno if this has been linked to before here, but its an amazing goldmine, so i dun care. Never dreamed there was so many amazing sites left undeveloped after the Blairite boom and already found friends in my area. Anyway go..
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    Bruce Goff -Architect- films-talk 21-22 June

    Duno if anyone else familiar with Bruce Goff's architecture: Only found out about him through artist David Thorpe's amazing paper collages: Heartbreakingly gonna...
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    PAST-POTENTIAL-FUTURES Date: Sunday May 25, 2008 Time: 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm Location: London Tate Modern Notes: PAST-POTENTIAL-FUTURES Early Experiments in Computer Animation This free Sunday evening screening in the Turbine Hall will celebrate the inspiring technical and...
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    Old School Reinforced - 4Hero & Goldie DJ sets 16thFeb Turnmills

    Whent to the fantastic 'after Carnival' event which was basicaly the same lineup. Hopefully this one should be just as good.
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    Look Around You

    Had not thought about this for a while as I'd given my Look Around You DVD away as a gift when I was broke, but just noticed Simon has stumbled back over this series: I abso loved the first series, remember 'Sulphur'...
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    radio cryptography

    I remember a great little story about this on Woebotnic (has anyone got that saved?) and didn't know if it was a real thing or not, until I heard this fascinating Radio4 prog the other day: K.
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    How to save YouTube Vids (as .avi, mpeg etc..)

    I only just found out abt this in the last few hours, tested it, and yes it does work. How to do it: 1.) You need the URL of the video you want to save. 2.) go to this page, paste in the URL & press download: *paste only the video section of the URL, if it has a...
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    Future City Barbican 15 June - 17 Sept 06

    Future City Experiment and Utopia in Architecture 1956 - 2006 15 June 2006 - 17 September 2006 Barbican Art Gallery "What would it be like to live in a hairy house, a floating city, or an inflatable pod? Pure fantasy or the shape...
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    That Jam London Underground song

    Dont know if this is old, but heard a group of girls singing this on the back of the bus the other day and nearly pissed myself.
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    Zizek C4 Thurs Mrch 16th

    Slavoj Zizek Art Shock: Pervert's Guide to Cinema Channel 4 Mrch 16th 11pm 'A journey through cinema presented by philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek.'
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    Large Predators UK comeback!!

    I had heard a while ago there was some millionare ecologist who wanted to create a huge reserve to reintroduce Wolves, Bears and Wild Boar to the UK (apparently some Wild Boar escaped from a farm into the forest of Dean and have started breeding already!). Just found out the project is actually...
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    Labyrinth Club is being demolished

    The famous Labyrinth in Dalston road is being demolished. Just heard on Dougz show on Rinse that there is a hole in the wall you can gain access thru, so if your an old raver, can get in and get some last pictures of the place.
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    Enrico Miricone sound in recent dubstep?

    Anyone else noticed a few track of recent that sound very Moricone? Have I just missed this, is there a history of these sort of tunes?