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    youtube forcing japanese music down your throat

    Oh, you already found it.
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    youtube forcing japanese music down your throat

    This is the one I was aggressively recommended:
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    Great band, and they were right to break up after "Is Suicide A Solution?"
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    The honeymoon period

    Totally get this. It's amazing how an artist spouting bollocks in an interview or biography can sour the way you feel about their music. I'm especially keen to avoid studio technical talk or hear them bang on about their influences - feels like a magician explaining how the tricks work. You...
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    The Words of Mark E. Smith

    I was once on a train with, among others, Mark E Smith. Tired of playing Pictionary, I announced that I could sense simply by looking, whether oranges contained pips. 'I can tell people's religion just by looking at their faces,' countered Smith. A VIP had just entered the carriage and eager to...
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    F A N T A S I E S

    I know a bloke who has a fantasy about 'puppy girls'. I think the idea's that he comes home from work and she crawls up to him on all fours - in a bikini, collar and furry ears - and goes "Rff! Rff! Welcome home, master!" Then he feeds her Frosties in a dog bowl. Then she puts her head down and...
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    BFI Player

    There was a late '70s UK documentary called 'Rampton - the Secret Hospital' which was apparently aired once on TV, caused a minor row and has since disappeared. People did some digging and BFI were offering it a while back for £120 or something crazy. Just had a search and nothing came up - is...
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    Retreat: How the Counterculture invented Wellness

    Mine arrived yesterday - big brick of a book which I'll be battering into this weekend. Sure there'll be plenty of funny nutzoid behaviour and loads of smelly hippies to loathe. Nice Jon Savage-style listening guide at the back too, featuring Lee Perry and the Ramones.
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    Worst songs you've ever heard?

    Wow, I was blissfully unaware of that. Yeah, total rip-off. Did WSB actually sanction that or did someone throw it together after he died?
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    Worst songs you've ever heard?

    The nadir:
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    Worst songs you've ever heard?

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    Worst songs you've ever heard?

    Imagine the awkward banter between the 'MC' and 'schoolgirl dancers' between takes. Gave me a cringe rash.
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    I only lived there between '89-'94, and went back up a few times between '96 - 2001 to see friends, a girl, a dying dad, etc. So I might not be the best person to ask. But as Neil Transpontine hasn't turned up (he was busy learning Gaelic folk songs, last time I checked Facebook), guess I'll...
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    I need your TECH HELP

    Sure (re PM), only if it's no hassle - much appreciated. Will have a scout around. Good to know about the cloud access - last thing I need is for work to suddenly access a rant about macaque gangs, or weird 'noise nutter' shit...
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    I need your TECH HELP

    Cheers - sucks about the rental model. I could ask work for licenses, but worry that anything I write on Word, design on PS, etc, could get viewed by work via the cloud (maybe this can't happen, but I get para about these things)... Used to have a Macbook, was that blocker called Little Snitch...
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    I need your TECH HELP

    OK, back with more tech-unsavvy pleas for help... I'm getting a new PC laptop as this one's 11 years old and falling to bits. Thing is, I want Photoshop, Adobe PDF reader/maker and InDesign. These were put on my PC by a work IT guy who possibly didn't secure licenses for them, but it's a bit...
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    The Suburbs

    I grew up in a suburb of NW London, though never felt isolated from the city as there was a tube station nearby and Camden/Kings X were only 20 mins away on the Northern Line. Aunt and uncle lived in Stratford and we saw them often, it was cheap/easy to get around. Then I ended up in Luton...
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    Noise Nutters

    Stevie Nicks opening up her heart to her loveless husband on "Silver Springs" Sinead shedding a tear on "Nothing Compares 2U" The Gerogerigegege having an extended live amplified wank over a drum machine
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    Noise Nutters

    Special commendation should go to Smell & Quim for getting an entire weekend noise festival in Leeds shut down in the first half hour, after coming onstage in rubber pig masks, wielding machetes and a sledgehammer, and hacking up/attempting to set light to a (real) pig's head. The fact the...
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    Noise Nutters

    I saw a pretty messy Whitehouse gig in 2001. Some goth girl made the mistake of sitting on the stage with her back to the group when they came on, so Peter Sotos (Whitehouse's 'Bez', if Bez had been a fat Bluto lookalike in a dirty old man raincoat) walked over and booted her in the back - she...