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    Documentaries about visual art

    These aren't all about visual art but audio documentaries I'm feeling at the moment: 99% invisible Short documentaries about design. Love and Radio: Some of the best unconventional docs I've heard particularly the recent ones. The one about the bank robbing cyclist and the boxing promotor...
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    Documentaries about visual art

    Watched a great documentary on youtube 'Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress' not a massive fan of his work but one of the best docs I've seen focusing solely on one artist.
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    Documentaries about visual art

    Since watching 'Tims Vermeer' I've been hammering arts docs, loads of decent old BBC ones archived on Youtube. The 'three cities' thing on bbc4 was pretty good also. Any stand out ones that come to mind?
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    Re-issued music from far-flung places.

    Seems like a bit of a a golden era at the moment for official releases anyway. Not really sure why, lots of kids I meet seem to be getting in to Fela. Prob helped a bit by Nas sampling Mulatu Astatke, William Onyeabors success, ethnomusicy blogs, and resurgence of digging and vinyl culture.
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    Sound Healers Volume 1

    Sound Healers Volume 1 (Free Compilation) Sound Healers Volume 1 is a free Compilation project compiled by Leeds Producer Bambooman , created to help shed light on some amazing forward thinking producers from across the globe. The Compilation includes 14 beutifully crafted tracks from the...
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    classic directors/films you dont get

    anything by michael haneke.
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    photography seems to have found a new kind of resonance since the advent of micro blogging and tumblr anyone recommend any good photo-blogs? -particularly ones with original material.
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    Library Closures

    Save our libraries day tomorrow. list of demos and events here:
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    Library Closures Map of libraries under threat: Recent Protest...
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    self-taught designer offering questionable 'skills' for free

    dm'd. thanks for the advice cracker jack.
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    self-taught designer offering questionable 'skills' for free

    thanks for the reply, just hit 28 tho :(
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    self-taught designer offering questionable 'skills' for free

    Basically I'm offering some free graphic design work for anyone who's interested. Since being made redundant last year. I've had a bit of a career rethink. I'm currently working part-time, so have a bit of time on my hands and I'm thinking about retraining in design. I need some proper briefs...
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    films you've seen recently and would NOT recommend

    I seem to be in the minority here but found 'inception' dreadful, like being trapped inside of a perfume advert, expensive, over stylized and vapid. A heady mix of trixy Escher optical illusions, ropey dreamlike surrealism and post-matrix cod philosophy all made me fell a bit woozy and cheated...
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    visually compelling rap videos

    I keep watching this video at the moment. One of the best things to come out the 90's. I suppose you cant talk about rap videos without mentioning Hype Williams.
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    Do we have a podcasts thread? cant find it
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    watched 'winters bone' the other-day. - made me think about how rarely the world of the American working class is seen on film. a bleak, lean film with no sentimentality which unfolds like a thriller. made me go out and buy the book immediately.
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    I know. someone needs to write clever bit of code that filters-out anything relating to the following subjects: x-factor, football, nandos.
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    what is wobble?

    sonically wobble seems to share a lot in common with idm it has that same faux broken 'arn't we mental' aural aesthetic, the choppiness and constant need to create and destroy any momentum/continuity. it celebrates an aural aethetic like 'glitch' over mood or any reflective emotional response a...
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    minimal d'n'b

    this was one of the first halftime tracks that I remember coming around. apart from digitals stuff (probably one of dnb's most underrated producers) Metalheadz had bit of of renaissance around this time.
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    minimal d'n'b

    yeah I have kind of conflicting opinions of dnb, I use to buy/listen to a lot of it until about 2006 then It bored the shit out of me and I literally couldn't leave a record shop with anything I was prepared to part money for. d-Bridges true romance kind of book-ended the genre for me. That...