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    Rammellzee Tribute on Tokyo web radio now ...

    Live web radio Tribute to The Rammellzee ; Shin from DCC coming up, Latin Ras Kaz - DCC remixer, Kyoichi T ...
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    Kazou Ohno RIP @ 103

    He'd been bed ridden and super fragile, so rest easy Kazuo ... Luck to have caught him twice in his time.
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    Solar map of NYC

    Some fine night photos of the city , interesting application too
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    The full "Metropolis"

    noting that Metropolis was being talked about here recently , saw this ...
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    Jobs in the music business

    this article was just too funny this AM ... the job in this case, setting up for Pink Floyd.
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    Last night in Times Sq.

    Late night defuse ... straight outta Hurt Locker. 'Started to detonate'... ? whoa, glad it didn't go off.
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    Shadow network

    Someone's been opening doors ...
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    New Death Comet Crew

    Some new cuts from the upcoming release ; includes Let The Clubs Ring with Nomi , a Japanese remix, Drag Racing with The Rammellzee
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    Chile quake

    how many times stronger then the Haitian quake ? wow there is supposed to be a wave or waves coming to Hilo at 4:04
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    Getting ripped off ...

    Just wanted to bring up a subject just about anybody who has 'sold' music can possibly relate to -getting ripped off by labels. I have dealt with too many in this regard - but one just keeps coming around ... Late '09 we were contacted by a film music coordinator about licensing "Dominatrix...
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    Afrika Bambaataa & SA @ LP Rouge 1/14 NYC

    With Afrika B rocking it in the main room ( $8 ) , we'll be rolling in the Lounge ( Free @ midnight ) with mash ups , electro tech and in - the - werks technische tracks off the laptop. Always good to see an old friend like Afrika B ...;) Off The Grid @ Le Poisson Rouge THURSDAY, JANUARY 14TH...
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    Cell ph. encryption hacked ...

    Aha, the Chaos Computer Club strikes again. Hadn't heard anything about them for a loong time but now they pop up again ...
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    Maryanne Amacher ... Observed - RIP

    One of the originals ... in a world of half steps, concocted half genres and product : There were sound artist pioneers ... Here's to Maryanne , by Alvin Curran, one of the more challenging artists on the planet ...
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    'Science in pictures'

    Quite an array of topics covered, from Colliders to ...
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    is coming, after those meetings with China and India recently will everyone come to the table...
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    The Road

    is coming out
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    Child migrants apology

    Didn't know much about this, but wow ...
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    New Ike Yard Ep on iTunes

    Aha, the new Oshima Cassette / Citieglit plus Waldchengarten & Hinisdan remixes Ep is out, available for download at iTunes and probably other services today. New electro technische song pieces written in Tokyo and NYC , with a pair of Northern European chill noise remixes = the first new Ike...
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    The Cove

    The Cove actually played in Japan !
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    Atrocity Exhibition + JG Ballard Project , NYC 10/24

    Saturday night in the city of the dead ! JG Ballard Project moves into Monkeytown for one night , 10:30 seating only. Atrocity Exhibition Chapter 1 . 20m Music & video; with artists Adrienne Altenhaus , Le Le Chan , Robert Longo , Andrew Moszynski , David Silver , Patrick Quick* , Vivian Wong...