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    Sinister bliss

    Teetering between a good and bad trip
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    The brunette beauty was spotted lugging her belongings into her new pad in London with onlookers stating that she appeared to be down in dumps and in deep conversation with Tom who is thought to have helped her with the moving process.
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    If you could do it all again

    What would you do differently? Lately I've been thinking that I've essentially been making huge mistakes both personally and professionally since circa 2003. (Often the mistake has been not to make a mistake by actually doing something. I've sat on the pot, not shitting.)
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    Clever stuff on YouTube for brainboxes like me

    I'm talking lectures, conversations, educational animations etc etc etc. If it's clever and I can watch it on YouTube, I want to know about it. NOTE: Ideally, don't just post stuff without an explanation of why it's worth watching. Cos we'll just end up with 200 videos that nobody will watch.
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    The mask slips

    That photo of trump looking beaten down and miserable. Is this the mask slipping? If so, it makes me marvel at how consistently, how perfectly, he's worn that mask. So that it's always seemed like he's essentially nothing more than what he projects. Nothing more than sheer blustering vanity...
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    'I heard a passing car playing this' log

    Peckham: (I feel like this thread probably already exists somewhere in the archives, but I'm time limited and lazy)
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    What are you good at?

    EDIT: Version has advised me to changed the title. Now open for party tricks/savant abilities/areas of expertise/cultivated talents.
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    Parasite (2019) SPOILERS INEVITABLE

    I didn't catch this at the cinema but I got the BluRay in the post yesterday and watched it last night. Parasite lived up to the hype. Along with being thrilling, shocking, funny, tragic and beautifully shot, etc., it stuck around in my brain after the credits rolled. I kept thinking about the...
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    Randomish Wikipedia Trivia Finds

    Question: Why is 4/20 associated with smoking weed? "In 1971, five high school students in San Rafael, California,[5][6] used the term "4:20" in connection with a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop, based on a treasure map made by...
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    The Under the Influence thread

    RULE: You have to be under the influence to post here. Consider this the musical extension of the 'Intoxication Log' thread. Current state: 2 Guinness cans down (plus some weed) ? after a fortnight of not drinking. I'm in that misty fog of...
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    New Rap

    Strictly nicked 4rom ILX (David Drake for the most part, in this case)... Cos I'm not honestly that into new rap anymore (For all i know) but I know there's ppl around like WebEschatology and Crowley who still have their ears to the ground and I'd like to hear the stuff they think's good. This...
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    The chat pure crap thread

    Talk about anything you want to talk about which it isn't worth creating a thread about. Good idea? Bad idea? Let's talk about it.
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    'The Infamous' 25th anniversary edition

    <iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe> (Features some unreleased tracks from 'The Infamous' sessions — Heard Shook Ones pt 1 before but not 'The Money version...
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    Lockdown vs. Music
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    The 'this made me sit up' thread

    I just wanted to post this somewhere, and already did a COTD. Public Image - Radio 4 I've been listening to a bunch of 70s music atm, inspired by reading various 70s rock critics (Lester bangs, nick Kent, Ian MacDonald) — oh, and Woebot's 'Book of...
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    The Book of Woe

    Must have bought this on Kindle a while back but I saw it on Amazon today and realised I'd just not downloaded it. I've only dipped my toes in so far but it's brilliant. Great to see luminaries such as Luke Davies and Oliver Craner getting shouted out in the intro too.
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    The towering geniuses

    Craner rightly rejected my nomination of Patrice Rushen. So who actually qualifies? We can turn this into a discussion about genius vs scenius or whatever, too.
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    Stray thoughts under partial quarantine

    - I was walking in the park yesterday, from which you can see the shard and various other skyscrapers on the horizon. And I thought to myself how they look so distant now. Not just geographically, but temporally. That central London is now just a memory. You know that it's not functioning as it...
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    Blissblog's Top 100

    Alright, let's be having it. We've all been thinking about it, haven't we? Wondering. And now we're all on lockdown. We need a beacon of hope in this wasteland. What Simon picks shall be graven in stone and discussed, dissected, applauded, rejected, in music discussion forums far and wide...