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    Luka's photo book

    New thread to tie a few things together as there's been discussion here and there and it's now definitely happening. We could do with people chipping in with offers of help. I'll post some key questions in subsequent posts. Some background Relevant 'parent' thread: photos of lea valley...
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    Crowleyhead's top 100

    These lists are great and @CrowleyHead commands a respect on here for his writing that is second to none. And of course we all wanna know his top tunes so we can make mix CDs out of them to impress people with. Is it gonna be mainly hip hop? I don't think so. He's a well rounded fella. Let's...
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    Couldn't get a photo but there was an amazing cloud this evening. Underlit by the sun, reddish gold, then grey on top, but it was extremely thin and set apart all alone. Sort of like if you got a mushroom and removed the stalk, then flattened it out. Amazing. A thread to post pictures of nice...
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    Arthur Jafa

    He's bigger than Kanye, warrants his own thread
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    The Suburbs

    Ballard obviously. But also punk ('bromley contingent') and dubstep (croydon). David Lynch's white picket fences. Yearning for the City, but not the City. You can see it, that's what creates the imagination.
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    New mix: Dean Blunt vs Young Thug, Kanye, The Weeknd, Freddie Gibbs and others

    Listening party put together by @version, @Linebaugh and me as a reaction to Kanye West's announcement about running for the Presidency.
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    Reservoirs and dams, large bodies of man made water

    Been walking round a few.
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    Musicians who are also artists, writers, painters, publishers etc

    John Squire obvs. Also Justine Frischmann from Elastica. What about some proper musicians, i hear you screech. OK, Goldie. 3D from the 'attack (their star is rising recently huh, cos of the colston thing?). Daniel Johnston. Captain Beefheart? Publishers: Pariah Press is MCR is run by some former...
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    Post your paintings

    Does anyone paint? Post your own paintings please. A companion to the drawing thread, but they are different mediums, so we have different threads
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    (Human) Modular design and thinking

    Just an idea kicking round my head when i woke up this morning... i'm sure it's been discussed and commented on already somewhere, but couldn't find anything on a quick search... So I was thinking about Droid's great 95 Jungle thread and how it's not quite the jungle i like best. And then for...
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    Urbanomic (Robin Mackay)

    Deserves his own thread. Plague Pod at the moment is very enjoyable, but there's a lot more going on. He's got good range going on. There's a whiff of controversy cos of the acceleration / nick land connection obvs. He taught Kode9 cubase! This lecture he gave is a good intro to the...
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    Crane freestyle

    The cranes are people. The crane is also the spinal column.
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    Writing as drawing

    lukas /\ and ))))❤️((((. (I'll try to find the precise bits in future posts below) HSGovt requesting an e acute. Hieroglyphics and rebuses. Pictography. Comics and Bolanos drawing poetry in savage detectives. (Again, will find the scans). The paper rad guys, fort thunder people, brian chipp...
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    How can i put a pdf doc online, allow free downloads but count the downloads

    Anyone know of something that allows you to host pdfs online and you can then share a link to them, prople can download for free without any sign up? And you can track the download numbers and maybe the people can leave messages if they want? Is it possible?
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    A place to drop flyer designs u like or have made
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    Who knows what? No detailed explanations or anything, im just interested in whether anyone knows anything about it. Or practises. Whats the history? How has it crossed over?
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    Post drawings you have done

    Doodles, more technical things, abstract, figurative, the whole shebang. stuff from right now, today, this week, ideally, but archive is also fine i suppose. paitings also fine i guess. also comics. all tools and technologies allowed though - ipad drawings, phone sketches etc are all fine...
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    God in the pavements

    Look down. What are you walking on? A space to share images of pavements, paving stones, drainage grates etc. No graffiti please. No found objects.
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    Zines, pamphlets, art comics, chap books etc

    Space to discuss small run stuff. 'Editions'. I don't think it quite fits anywhere else, cos I'm on about the form here. Small things, less than 100 pages certainly, probably much less more. Made at home, or on a small commercial scale. Not quite proper publishing. I have made zines, buy loads...