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  1. k-punk

    Niceness is evil, or why Dissensus is shit

    The banning of Padraig marks the lowpoint of the board for me... lower even that Luke starting threads based on News of the World gossip, lower even than threads entitled 'what music does your girl like' (whose entirely justified assumptions about the mainly male heterosexual make-up of the...
  2. k-punk

    Grim Britannia

    - Martin, from the Hauntology thread Martin really is the poet of Grim Britannia, his writing viscerally evocative of a bygone England no-one can remember, nor seems to want to. Watching Life on Mars again this evening, I was struck by how WRONG it feels. The rough n ready unPC PCs actually...
  3. k-punk

    World cup predictions rant

    Is anyone else infuriated by the inanity of pundits' 'predictions' for the world cup finals? What, for instance, is the fucking point in predicting that Brazil will win, as all four of the pundits in the Times do today. Well, really sticking out your necks there boys. And, alongside the...
  4. k-punk

    Armando Ianucci's The Thick of It

    ... which has just started a new series on BBC4, is everything that the dreadful Blunkett play failed to be. Where the Blunkett play was comforting (especially to most of those it was supposedly satirising), The Thick of It is bleakly unsettling. The standard description (The Office + Yes...
  5. k-punk

    Blunkett teleplay

    Did anyone see this on the new c4 digital channel on Monday? I thought it was perfectly dreadful... not only were the characterizations witlessly pasteboard and devoid of any surprise, you ended up being sympathetic to Blunkett, which can't have been the point... More disturbingly, the...
  6. k-punk

    Feel good brit flick of the year...

    Powerful if obvious savaging of 'the Feel Good Brit Flick' in the The Times today, a fulmination inspired by (someone call out the divebombers) ' a new home-grown comedy about a London transvestite saving a crippled Northampton shoe factory'. 'The Germans have given us the paranoid depths of...
  7. k-punk

    Dylan: I just don't get it, and I never will

    I just watched the second half of Scorsese's Dylan documentary. Predictably, I found myself admiring Dylan only for the way he dealt with imbecilic journalists and the organo-folk nazis; I remain mystified about the appeal of his words and music. Admittedly I am the most prejudiced possible...
  8. k-punk

    Before you post yet another, ask yourself

    one question....
  9. k-punk

    Anyone going to see Skinny Puppy tonight

    at the Astoria?
  10. k-punk

    Gloomcore CDs

    I've burned them today, most are posted; the rest will go in the mail tomorrow.
  11. k-punk

    Slang: origin of 'bare'

    I know there was some discussion a while back of slang - but does anyone know where 'bare' comes from? US? Caribbean? Or UK?
  12. k-punk

    Beyond theism

    OK, so this thread arises out of discussions between Infinite Thought and k-punk following our trip to the Meaning of Theism conference at the weekend. (If you want to follow the trail, here it is, backwards:this, which was a response to this, which was a response to this.... (I could go yet...
  13. k-punk

    Babylon lovers

    This post by Jon Dale on an Ari Up sample reminded me of another Ari Up sample.. in the jungle classic "Babylon" by Splash, which samples the Slits' 'Love und Romance' ... I wonder if anyone (mms?) knows anything about Splash...
  14. k-punk

    Neubauten tonight

    Is anyone going to Neubauten tonight at the Forum?
  15. k-punk

    A very old man dies, the 'world' holds its breath

    So, predictably, I'm appalled by the blanket coverage of the death of the head of the Church of Satan... proof, once more, that Deleuze and Guattari were right to describe capitalism as the age of 'piety and cynicism'... that faux-grave tone of hacks, as they slaveringly wait for the Old Man to...
  16. k-punk

    Two reasons to be happy this week

    Fox hunting banned! Those shots of rural idiots with bleeding heads should warm even the hardest heart... And George Michael giving up pop because he's sick of fame. LOL. From the Standard today: '[George] has spent the best part of 20 years complaining about being misunderstood, without...
  17. k-punk

    can't believe how bad the Libertines are

    Must confess that the Libertines have passed me by. Only really heard them tonight when Kirsty Wark's interview with Doherty was repeated on BBC4, curiosity piqued by the blanket tabloid coverage. Absolutely stunned by the vacuity of Doherty and by the sheer cheap crapness of the Libertines...
  18. k-punk

    Block the bid I'm hoping that most Dissensus folk will join me in total opposition to the London 2012 Olympic bid. This article is well worth a look. It's clear that in addition to bulldozing Stratford's heronbonescapes and turning them into business park...
  19. k-punk

    Badiou, Spinoza, Lacan and moNONtheism

    Infinite Thought is right. It is totally misleading to construe Badiou as a religious thinker. Attempts to dragoon Badiou into being a crypto-Catholic theologian will inevitably produce only distortion. The whole point of Badiou's book on St Paul is that is not a religious text. What Badiou...
  20. k-punk

    The least bad ain't good enough

    So much that is pertinent to recent discussions here in the following passage from Badiou in an an interview with Cabinet magazine : 'In truth, our leaders and propagandists know very well that liberal capitalism is an inegalitarian regime, unjust, and unacceptable for the vast majority of...