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    [LDN]08.08 This Heat: Batu + Ipman

    A theoretical concept by design, This Heat launches on the 08th August at Dalstons favourite haunt, Power Lunches. Drawing on the techno roots that run through the hardcore continuum, we've called upon Cold Recordings mainstays Batu and Ipman to show us the lineage between these now considered...
  2. Local Authority


    i haven't seen this series get that much love anywhere, or as much as breaking bad or the wire even though its arguably a lot better than breaking bad and maybe on a level with the wire. has anyone been watching? we're almost half way through season 3 and for all the criticism season 2...
  3. Local Authority

    Ardour Broadcast 2 - its not a dance without the ladies

    I recorded a mix for the hidden women of the dancefloor. You can find it over on my blog Ardour Curations. And tracklist is as follows; Levon Vincent - No Regrets Elgato - Tonight B.D.I Presents Compassion Crew - Paper Tears Bookworms - African Rhythms Anthony Naples - Busy Signal The Mole -...
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    Music 2013

    Thought I'd start a new thread as the new year comes in. As great as some of the previous 2012 threads had been, there were a massive abundance of sub-genres. It'll be good to draw everything back together again, seeing as everything's becoming harder to define. It's also really annoying...
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    Books on contemporary philosophy

    I'm planning on applying to university this year as a mature student (I'm 20, will be 21 by the time I enrol, not sure if that counts) and need to get some serious reading done within a month, preferably two weeks, to get something into my personal statement. The university I'm aiming for is UCL...
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    [LDN] 06.01 Streets Of Beige presents Sunship

    Streets Of Beige 06.01.12 Room 1 – Streets Of Beige Sunship My Panda Shall Fly BNRY live Lixo Local Authority Swimsuit Crew Friday 6th January @ Rhythm Factory E1 11pm - 5am Free before 11, £5 after and Advance Tickets Streets Of Beige start the year in fine form with a bass and garage...