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    Name your price!

    As I find myself ever more browsing on Bandcamp, I wondered if it wouldn't be nice to have a Dissensus thread helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, here it is: post your best finds and must-listens! Here are some to start with:
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    Dissentian guide to Chicago

    I'm off for Chicago in a few weeks and looking for some recommendations from the locals/dissentians. Esp. interested in nice restaurants, good street food, book shops, galleries, good record shops, spectacular jazz clubs ... Everything really that I won't find in a guide. Any help?
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    Literature on knowledge and/or memory

    Can anyone recommend me some novels that treat with the topics of knowlegde and/or memory (in the broadest sense of both words). I found 'Vladimir Nabokov - Speak, memory' yet, but there should be plenty more, less obvious works - I presume.