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    Extractor Fan at More Kicks than Friends

    I've recorded some music for the online micro-festival More Kicks than Friends which will be broadcast this Saturday at 5 with visuals by the incredibly gifted Zali Krishna. The streaming site is here
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    Extractor Fan at the Neon Hospice

    Extractor Fan plays electron sound from basement planet Live in the internet
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    dematerialisation in literature

    who was the last novelist? obviously joyce or pynchon / delillo might have squeezed in as he was leaving. or maybe DFW? fragmenting the novel form into endless footnotes and endnotes, ventriloquising every voice he could get his hands on, complicated plotting that leads to addiction or suicide...
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    rhythm basics thread

    "What does Barty (or woops) know? He doesn't get rhythm. He's not sensual. When it comes to the art of house drum programming, you can't beat the US. It's the hi hats and the snares. Placement. Timing. Dynamics. Sound design. So much finesse. Different level of sophistication. Tell him from me...
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    thousandth post

    viva dissensus
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    Phrase Origin

    Hot off the press in a hand-numbered edition of 100. Word Trade 7
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    i hate sigs

    clogging up the forum with crap blokey in-jokes just sayin' :poop:
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    Birthday Party

    i'm gonna toss a spectacular party... and i want to see everyone inside! (especially the sexy people) it's going to be very big. so get you're glad rags washed and pressed! check out this tasteful selection of glamorous djs... Hi-Fi Sadist (pre 2005 grime set) DJ Bignose DJ Dog (rap set) DJ...
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    Who will next dissensus poster to hang an extreme right?

    Who will follow the increasingly well-trodden path to Nickland?
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    and happy birthday barty in time for next year. 2019 international year of 2019!!!
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    Lights: a novel with an index

    This Thursday I will launch my novel LIGHTS Contemporaneous experimental psychedelia, pseudo-philosophical pondering, quasi-mysticism in prose form. I hope to see you there. Thursday November 22nd at 7 PM – 11 PM 3 days from now · 39–46°F Mostly Cloudy The Haggerston Pub 438 Kingsland Road...
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    golden age of electronica

    aka stuff that was coming out when i got into it, around 98 til 2002. ish
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    MIRACLE SALADS is available now. Poetry by Luke Davis and ME The first book on WORD TRADE
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    What kind of poll would you most like to vote in?

    If you had the chance to vote in a poll, how would you make it count?
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    win or fail?

    or do you not care?
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    First Dissensus post of 2016

    Good eh?
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    The Astro-Atlantean roots of Kraftwerk

    Did you know that Stockhausen only had half a brain? (Divided into Right and Left quarters) I've been saying this for ages but nobody takes me seriously.
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    did u pull last night?

    I did and she was a real blinder
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    Always thought this was the worst subforum, talking politics just leads to embarrassing scenes and rudeness, that's why I stay out of it really.
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    do u ever wonder why grass (like in the park for example) grows upwards instead of downwards, in which case grravity would help it. this seems to make more sense to me