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    Massive Philippines fundraiser raffle - huge vinyl prizes

    My mate runs the Vinyl Pimp record shop in Hackney and he's putting on a fundraising party/raffle to benefit the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. For the raffle prizes, he's managed to secure vinyl giveaways from a whole load of amazing bass music labels, including Deep Medi...
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    Not really a Dissensus sort of mix, but whatever...

    Banging acid n' stuff. Not really a Dissensus kind of mix, but maybe one or two of you will enjoy it. Blathering here. Pearsall - Maximalism Part 1 (69 minutes, 95.4 MB, 192 kbps) 01. Mark One - Hoovers & Spraycans (Retro) 02. Underground Resistance - Punisher (Underground Resistance) 03...
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    worst musical experience?

    me? having to fuck to Ani di Franco. ewww. yours?
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    Pearsall - Firestorm (Classic Jump-Up/Hardstep Mix)

    After ages of slacking off, I've finally done a new mix (and relaunched my music blog). Full write-up here Pearsall - Firestorm 01. Tribe of Issachar feat. Top Cat - Champion Natty (Congo Natty) 02. MA3 - Those DJ's (Formation) 03. Prisoners of Technology - Trick of Technology Remix (Fresh...
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    What is the West?

    I didn't want to derail this very entertaining thread on the interplay between reggaeton and dancehall (ok, yes, mostly one-way traffic I know) and the wider influences on Jamaican popular music, but one of the curious things is that, several times, there was talk of Jamaica and 'the West', as...
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    Plasticman interview

    Just in case any of you are interested, I interviewed Plasticman for It's here if you're interested.
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    happy hardcore

    Obviously there is no shame in liking early 90's breakbeat hardcore (we're probably only a couple years away from a Soul Jazz retrospective, now that they're on early techno and house), but who here was into hardcore after the big split with jungle and the kick drum stabbage really took over...
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    Logan's last show

    Check out Logan's last show on Rinse before he goes to Kiss from Friday, featuring untold specials (including Vybz Kartel over Dexplicit's 'No' beat!), dubs, and several dozen mc's. Massive.
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    Grime Tune ID This is from a Roll Deep set from January. What's the tune Wiley and JME are mcing over? It's horror movie music. Awesome.
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    Who's reaching the DEE/Ears/Jammer event tonight in NYC?

    I am! If you see me, say hello. I'll be the fat (yet muscular!) dude with short brown hair, glasses, and iPod-tone skin. me, last June
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    fao: new york city people

    this is kind of a weird request, but anyways... I've been thinking about writing a piece about my days of going to squat raves in London, and I kind of would like to have a mix to go along with it. the problem is, I don't have decks here in New York (my decks are in London and I've not gotten...
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    'Canonical'-type shit you just don't get

    What/who are the big things that lots of people seem to love but you just don't understand the appeal? For me, it's The Streets. I hate his voice. I hate his beats. Granted, his lyrics can be clever and funny sometimes, but overall I can't listen to him as I just find his voice terrible...
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    New(ish) electro/techno mix of mine online now

    I figure this probably isn't up most Dissensians' streets, but some of you might enjoy it. It's an electro/techno mix I recorded about 3 weeks ago that has some old stuff, some new stuff, some electro, some techno, some acidy stuff, some crunchy percussive bits, the odd spacey pad, the...
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    Dissensus Shared Bloglines Account

    I've been using Bloglines a lot recently, and thought it would be pretty cool to set up a collective Dissensus bloglines site with all kinds of feeds. I've just quickly set up feeds to a couple different sites from Dissensus users and I'll be adding more stuff. I invite others to add sites of...
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    early Christmas present for Dissensus crew

    I've uploaded a couple things to my server for the joy of the Dissensus crew. Logan Sama - September 2004 Bonus Mix - 112 megs, 192 kbps, 1 hr 19 mins (Logan, if this isn't cool, I'll take it down) Awesome selection of exclusives, forthcoming stuff, acapellas, and all kinds of stuff. Amazing...