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    how much MONEY do you make?

    do it then why not
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    Roiling football blather
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    Shamanic Trance Dance, Part 1

    did you find any shamans? aren't there loads of different types of shaman? like a conflation of various early historical practices throughout the world that all seem similarly nefarious to the abrahamic hierarchs (sensory derangement is commonplace......the south americans with their ayahuasca...
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    Roiling football blather

    there's something to that abidal is one of the fastest players i've ever seen over sprinting distances but he is prone to a sort of mind-freeze and isn't good in confined spaces, and zambrotta's concentration has gone to shit lately without continuity in the forwards, they haven't had the...
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    Roiling football blather

    g-d you can be a twat sometimes i write from boredom and/or to concretize my own thoughts, not out of some apostolic enlightening-directive and yet you need to psychologize even a few hypothetical ramblings about fucking football of all things torres is interesting, i think he was somewhat...
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    Roiling football blather fairly uncontroversial contention was that barcelona on paper should destroy all comers, and i don't think that essentially theoretical argument is disproven given their (often self inflicted) misfortune since then conceding 1 goal in two games v united isn't the problem, it's the...
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    Rock Against Racism '08
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    Dinner Party Music

    how awful for you
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    The stages of Jesus worship, by Jaie Miller

    sumtin like that are jehovah's witnesses a cult? maybe sect would be more appropriate, to an outsider it looks like they are parsing judaeochristian theology rather than actively substituting it with their own content or ur-god, and they don't seem to have charismatic powerful earthly godlike...
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    The stages of Jesus worship, by Jaie Miller

    these are fantastic posts jaie, congrous with a little of my idle non academe type research on the huge topic of the latent psychoticism of growing up with some of these risk factors, and cultish xtianity is one i hadn't really considered and probably not that uncommon hopefully some cunt's not...
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    Fighting in the Southern Backcountry

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    can we have a ysi thread

    the ligeti project ii - san francisco polyphony
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    People with annoying faces

    no no no!!!! donde esta nostra argumenta senor t esta seulamenta poesa
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    People with annoying faces

    FUCKING LOOK AT IT!!! whiny-voiced, pug-nosed, podgy-cheeked little bastard at least if she were a Muslim, we wouldn't have to see it massive fake tits remotely convincing fake tits weird chest-tumours and the way she thinks ej thribb etc
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    eduardo da silva

    ed wood
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    eduardo da silva

    how is this going to go? hope he comes back, at least
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    semiotic detritus fashions

    the nintendo/tolkien/nirvana signifer clusters all coalesce around....... and are sufficiently glib and unreal to be assimilable within any culture, photoshop effluvia that connotes suburban insecurity far outside the teenage subcultures that spawned the various components
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    semiotic detritus fashions
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    semiotic detritus fashions

    that's just the sort of thing i'm thinking of, the samurai is hilarious, like a very conciliatory 12yr old remedial kid who gets complimented by their teacher on how well they copied the japanese characters from a cereal packet, and the extra sword on the ground for no diagetic reason (just...
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    creativity habits/curves/tricks

    and how about the intrafeminine network of diminshing glances? time spent with fit girls in public spaces suggests the stares are more plaintive than caustic, and if they're from x ethnic group then adolescents and seniles of the same group tend to be amusingly deferent