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    VIDEO: Webcam Badman track listing: 01 Wiley - It's A Par 02 Cotti ft Doctor - Calm Down 03 Conquest - Forever (D1 Remix) 04 MRK1 - Get Out Clause 05 Skynet - Isolate 06 Dead Prez - Hip Hop 07 Zed Bias - Cosmic Minefield 08 TRG - Generation (Breakage Remix) 09 Loefah -...
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    Whoa-B - Gotta Get On Up (garage & bassline)

    What's up y'all. I haven't visited my favorite message board in a while now. But since I had to sign in to do a search, I thought I'd post my latest DJ mix. It's strictly 4x4 -- roughly half and half garage and bassline. Please enjoy! Whoa-B - Gotta Get On Up track listing: 01 Duncan...
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    VIDEO: Ten Minute Dubstep Mix

    Yes, that's me attempting to juggle two copies of Fallen. I bought a second one thinking the first was scratched -- turns out it was a mispress. The intro is useless so I made the best of things. Any feedback will be appreciated... enjoy! track...
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    Whoa-B - Fast Forward: A Grime Mix

    track listing: 01 Slix - No Bass [white] 02 Geeneus - Bad [Soulja] 03 Skepta - Stage Show [Adamantium] 04 Collie Buddz - Come Around [Columbia] >>Wiley - Tunnel Vision [white] 05 Wiley - Bow E3 [Big Dada] 06 Bruza - Bruzin (Footsie verse) [After Shock] 07 Trim - Bogeyman (D Double E / Footsie...
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    Quick Mix Video: GRIME EDITION track listing: 01 Slix - No Bass 02 Geeneus - Bad 03 Skepta - Stage Show 04 Collie Buddz - Come Around 05 Wiley - Tunnel Vision 06 Wiley - Bow E3 07 Bruza - Bruzin (Footsie verse) 08 Trim - Bogeyman (D Double E & Footsie verse) 09 Footsie - Showerman...
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    new grime mix from me

    mixed by Whoa-B download here: track listing: 01 Chamillionaire - Ridin >> Kromestar - Shokwave 02 Footsie - Scars Remix 03 Sway - Download 04 Geeneus - Parasite 05 Geeneus - Jam Hot (Davinche Remix) 06 Mr Keaz - Kea Lo >> Mr Keaz - Kea Dub 07 J...
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    CHICAGO 18-NOV-06 Digital Divide Dubstep JOE NICE

    Saturday, November 18th Digital Divide Dubstep 3 JOE NICE Nogunri Chamberweed Whoa-B Boa Entro MC Cafe Lura 3184 N. Milwaukee Chicago 9pm-3am $5 all night
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    dubstep mix video - 10 minutes, 8 tunes

    This is my set from a quick mix battle held at a music store in the Chicagoland area this past weekend. Take a look! track listing: 01 Mark One - Slang 02 Gravious - Wormsign 03 Distance - Cyclops 04 Caspa - Rubber Chicken 05 Loefah - Rufage 06...
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    Monday March 6th - GRIME!!! @ LAVA - Chicago

    Monday March 6th 2006 Brüt Force and Slit Jockey present GRIME!!! @ LAVA djs: SUSHI WHOA-B NOGUNRI grime and dubstep from 10pm until 2am 859 N Damen Chicago IL 60622 NO COVER - 21+ w/ID
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    RELOAD RADIO : Sunday 6-8pm CST (12-2am GMT)

    We, the Brüt Force Family, invite you to listen to our take on the UK. Broadcasting from Chicago USA, me and Sushi will bring you everything from classic 2-step all the way to fresh cut grimey dubs. I'm sure we'll throw some hip hop acapellas in there along the way. And we have been known to...
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    Welcome To Grimerock (mix)

    Welcome To Grimerock mixed by Whoa-B 01 P Jam - Tunnel Vision 02 Klashnekoff - Jamrock 03 Bruza - Have Some Of That 04 Wiley - Slew Dem Riddim 05 Roll Deep - When I'm Ere Remix 06 Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly Remix 07 Sway - Up Your Speed Remix 08 Vex'd - Pop Pop VIP 09 J Courage - Too Deep 10 Low...
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    Oregon RIAA Victim Fights Back
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    Oct 3rd / Nov 7th - GRIME @ LAVA - Chicago

    ya, they spelled my name wrong. :mad:
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    radio edit origins

    When was the first radio edit released? Did radio staffers edit content themselves before someone thought of letting the recording studios do it? Why do these things take up so much space on my vinyl recordings of rap music? Guh.
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    lurk alert / introduction

    I just wanted to say hey. My name is Bill and I like reading this board. I'm from Chicago and am big into grime/garage/2step/etc. So, um... hey! B