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    Bond, James Bond

    ainsley harriott
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    Zoomer Cult

    isn't this basically Luka's end game for Dissensus?
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    burn new zealand

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    burn new zealand

    pūkana 1. (verb) to stare wildly, dilate the eyes - done by both genders when performing haka and waiata to emphasise particular words and to add excitement to the performance. Ka mea atu te mōkai rā, ‘He hahaka nōu, he ruhi nōu i te pūkanatanga.' (TAH 9/1963:24). / The slave said, ‘You have...
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    Psychedelic drugs

    what about for mouth-feel?
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    i'm ok, i'm a sheeple and trust that other people know what's best. i'm in the privileged position of being able to work from home, live alone, no dependants etc. have already done for almost three months from late march as well. i think it did correspond with me starting to lurk dissensus...
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    Art vs Design

    i think it's a splash page for corel draw
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    ...with all but one so far connected to a single family in auckland; with said city (incl me) now back in lockdown...
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    to me, the thing that's interesting about him - compared to a similar kind of multi-mode homage artist like Ed DMX - is all the "world building"around it. but rather than it just being there for the listeners - it's more that he's builds these worlds for himself and then kind of plays dress-ups...
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    Overheard conversations/monologues

    (on the phone) "when you say 'filling up with blood', do you actually mean 'filling up with blood'?"
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    Overheard conversations/monologues

    "...well I belong to something called steampunk"
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    Overheard conversations/monologues

    "a pack of dunhill red and.... do you sell rubik's cubes?"
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    Luka's photo book

    i will buy this book
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    Source Direct

    "as you can see, you have now entered the the softer side of of jim and phil"
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    Source Direct

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    The Big Hello Thread