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  1. CORP$EY

    Feminine Pressure

    I've been thinking about starting a thread like this for a while but since it's International Women's Day today it seems apt to start it now. The idea is a thread to highlight music written/performed by women, and also to discuss stuff relating to gender in music, such as representation in...
  2. CORP$EY

    NME R.I.P. The NME is to cease publication in print after 66 years, the weekly music title joining a growing list of once mighty magazine brands that now only exist online. The website will continue...
  3. CORP$EY

    labour + antisemitism

    Can someone explain the crossover here? Is it just an accusation based on opposition to Isreal? Or is there some sort of weird left-wing/jew-hating interface?
  4. CORP$EY

    Are you a mega-fan of anyone?

    Like one of those people who owns all the bootleg tapes of Bob Dylan and has heard every single recording of 'Blowing in the Wind' and owns all the tour t-shirts and has seen him live in different countries and has traveled significant distances to see him play live and has crouched in the...
  5. CORP$EY

    Timeline of the Far Future You read it here first
  6. CORP$EY

    Characters you relate to

    This week I've been relating to Arnold Rimmer (in the Red Dwarf audiobooks I've been nostalgically revisiting) - disturbingly, as generally portrayed to be the biggest weasel of a man imaginable Satan (of Paradise Lost, I'm reading it, have I mentioned it?) - I hasten to add, in his...
  7. CORP$EY

    Rave Vids

    Starting with one of the all time classics bliss it was that dawn to be alive but to be young and on a gary
  8. CORP$EY

    Rappers being glum/self-depreciating/vulnerable

    Chinks in the armour, so to speak THREAD RULES: - NO WHITEBOYS (NO SLUG, SOLE, ETC.) - MAXIMUM 3 TUNES PER POST (I DON'T WANT A WALL OF 36 VIDEOS) End of rules.
  9. CORP$EY

    Essayists to look out for

    I spend a fair portion of my days (especially my 'working' days) reading essays on/in the LRB/New Yorker/New York Review of Books, etc. I've discovered certain writers who I enjoy reading and I usually proceed to seek out more essays by them - but I usually discover this at random So wondering...
  10. CORP$EY

    music wot is the food of :love:

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CRANER! And also, a thread in which to post and discuss songs about love, a lack thereof, and outright hate.
  11. CORP$EY

    Afrobeats 2018

    Let's keep an eye on it Burna Boy - Ph City Vibration
  12. CORP$EY

    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    For all raps old and new BLACK MOON - MAKE MUNNE 1993 I've never listened to Enta Da Stage before. Weirdly, since I have loved Who Got Da Props and I Gotcha Open for many years. Other than those ones, this has been the highlight so far. Name other...
  13. CORP$EY

    Here's a fun quiz for you to fill out!

    Full disclosure: I took this from Have you ever made out in a bathroom? Do you think the last person you kissed is nice? Who was the last person to call you? What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had? When is the last time you cried? Are you scared of spiders...