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    Ruff Sqwad Anna video - "Down"?

    Does anyone have the track that comes in at the end of the "Anna" music video? I think it's called "Down." If someone wants the video i can upload it to yousendit.
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    I think that's the term I want to use (if someone thinks of a better one, i'd definitely edit the thread title!) but basically: The way a person speaks is obviously closely linked to their background, but growing up in a diverse atmosphere with a sizeable african-american community, sizeable...
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    DJ Premierrrrr!!!!

    So-jocked but in my mind those 2 second looped chopped NYC drum bangers from the mid-90s are crack, that shit that makes even the most mediocre group home MCs listenable and yeah so anyway I guess this is a sort of S/D for Premo tracks thread. What inspired this was Pitch Black's "Got It...
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    School me on Romanthony

    Thanks to that "ilmixor" blog or whatever I heard "Wreck" and of course I know that song from Discovery, but what else is there? I need some romanthony in my life. You can go up and down and side to side. Yeah.
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    Still Tippin' (Diplo Remix)

    Fucking KILLING it. This is the best beat I've heard from Diplo, by miles. (and I liked Florida)
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    Grime i.d.?

    So bcuz (aside from dizzee and wiley albums) grime is v. hard to come across in cd shelves in the united states, my experience w/ the genre has mostly been filtered through the partial files and unlabeled downloads i've accessed through slsk. So - my question is about a song I heard last night...
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    Gangsta Walking and aggressive communal dance

    So I know there are many precedents for this sort of thing in punk and who knows what else; its an interesting, super-masculine aggressive communal thing, and apparently it's been around a long time even though it will probably come to be associated w/ crunk should it have some sort of return...
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    Justus K's doppelleben

    Word is it has leaked! Thoughts....
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    Top MCs and Producers of 2004

    We're doing a poll on the shrimp to see which MCs (of all genres w/ rapping/toasting/whatever - hip-hop, grime, dancehall, etc.) were on top this year, and which producers you think really defined 2004 for you personally. If anyone doesn't mind participating, just hit up The Shrimp for...
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    I have a popcorn kernal stuck behind my teeth

    And I can't get it out. It has kept me from focusing on anything I should be doing. Help!
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    House remixes of popular hip-hop tracks

    I'm from the states first of all, so I donno they might be passe or overdone or gimmicky to you house-heads across the pond but I cannot get enough of the Sir Piers remix of Jay-Z's "Me and My Girlfriend" which I guess is crossed w/ Summerheadz or something like that. I never much liked the...
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    Mixtape-only tracks that deserve wider recognition

    I thought this might be a good thread to start, especially considering the Kanye and Ghostface albums, which I love, missing some of the artists' best work (Luckily, some of the Ghost tracks were picked up for the pretty damn good theodore unit album). This post is inspired by two tracks in...
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    Errol Morris on Iraq Great piece.
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    Deep house page I'm sure lots of people already know about this but I felt like posting it for the maybe two people who don't...they have an archive full of WBMX mixes and random chicago DJ sets from the past 20 years. Right now I'm listening to Bad Boy Bill's live set...
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    One of those ppl who vote on "values" doesn't like my blog :( The post is about as stupid as the URL suggests.
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    Dancehall concert monday on BET

    Beenie Man, Kanye West (?) and THE ENERGY GOD Elephant Man live from Jamaica on BET Monday at 10 (I assume 10 EST here in the states. I donno if any of you guys get BET across the pond).
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    Houston hip-hop radio

    Real: winamp: Keep yr finger on the pulse with this radio show "Damage Control," on Wed. from 12-3AM central time in the U.S. Houston is the biggest city this year for hip-hop, the home of Screw etc. Right now its...
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    Music history needed

    This may seem strange but I need a book to use as a strawman to beat down in this paper I'm writing. Some sort of history of pop music from 1950-2000 (or 199x or whatever) that makes rock music central to the narrative yet claims to be a history of 1950-19xx music as a whole. It would also...
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    U.S. hip-hop singles thread

    I figure we might as well start one of these. What are people's favorite singles from this year? If you need some reminders we posted a pretty massive list of good ones over at Many Shrimp. A top ten I put together in about 1 minute: Slim Thug, T.I. and Bun B - Three Kings T.I. - Rubberband...
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    New Trick Daddy

    This looks like it's gonna be really great. I posted a thread about it a while back on ILM but no one seemed to care so now that government names is posting a couple mp3s from the album I figured I'd try again over on this board. The two songs he put up sound absolutely fantastic, and I can't...