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    eduardo da silva

    how is this going to go? hope he comes back, at least
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    semiotic detritus fashions

    the kids and not-kids alike seem to be attiring themselves with ever more decals and annotations, and it seems to be getting more unfriendly alongside the classic NIKE and KORN and all sorts of indifferent logorrheic nonense, there are the egregious lurid slogan t shirts someone alluded to on...
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    things named in songs

    thinking of things and wonder if they have ever been used in lyrics like dropsy umbongo (theme notwithstanding) the scilly isles jay jay okocha meconium partridges timur the lame ?
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    can we have a ysi thread

    just for contributors to link to a single track each post, rather than a rar of the entire oeuvre of sun ra or whatever, and without an obligation to contextualise
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    Load Blown

    new black dice! good innit
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    high finance and its malcontents, occult fantasies

    this is something referred to by gek-opel several times now- entryism within high capital has there been enough innovation within banking that things are all that different to the olden days? everything gets more and more leveraged yet the worst of late capitalism has been afflicted on...
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    how early does class awareness develop

    an interesting little article contains the phrase 'the very young, those for whom class has, perhaps, yet to become an issue' after the oedipal stage, couldn't children at least become aware of class, even if that consciousness is not schismatic enough to become an issue (crappy depoliticizing...
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    the autechre track with the sublime pitchbendy synth intro that's so good they don't really know what to do with it has this effect been used with comparable success elsewhere (with computers not violins)?
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    prinzhorn dance school

    asking for opinions...........
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    theory of relativity

    the general theory, i suppose it's sometimes said that relativity, especially the general theory, was prohibitively difficult even for some eminent figures in contemporary theoretical physics to understand comprehensively, why was this? was it simply owing to its mathematical complexity or a...
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    hypothetical wildlife in dinosaur rock

    trying to think of references to things like sea monsters, extinct nasties, collossal sharks etc how did this come about as an archetype anyway?
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    customs for imports to uk

    fuck it i don't think this is applicable any more since there are no replies, admins feel free to delete this thread thanks
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    the internet, in german

    that is, i'm hoping to find something interesting to familiarize myself with the language for the first time in a while my vocabulary is very crap (for example there are six words in this tiny poem that i didn't know) please suggest anything that you would habitually read any good (short)...