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    From my new blog @ Been thinking about doing one for a while. Well, about 5 years. Had a few thoughts about old Timbasnozz... For your perusal..... Be kind.... “Elsewhere, limp acoustic effort Timothy Where You Been, featuring Jet, answers the question...
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    tropic thunder

    Has anyone else seen this yet? If anyone has ever wondered what happens when you give hollywood a-listers 90 million dollars to make a comedy, give it a shot. Still, at least they look like they're having a good time. Jack Black: "Ben, I'm knackered.... do we have enough funny stuff for the...
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    Records 4 sale: Boards/Edan/Prefuse

    Records 4 sale: Boards/Edan/Prefuse etc. Also, some of my lovely t-shirts! Ideal for chrimbo! Get two.
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    T Shirt Art Design

    Alright everybody- I've been mincing about with some ideas for t-shirts for a while now, took me a while to finally finish them. i was originally going to go as professional as possible - start a brand so to speak-. But fuck me if there aren't far too many as it is. Anyway, still not entirely...
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    auckland, help!

    i know, more tourist advice.... but this is a last minute thing. I'm off to new zealand on thursday and thought i was spending most time there in wellington; turns out i'm not! auckland mainly, but not had time to research anything- any suggestions would be greatly received-- anyone???
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    World Social Forum

    I'm thinking of going to Nairobi for this World Social Forum thing next January. Any thoughts?
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    Well, it would be wrong not to have one. I was gonna put this in Thought on the premise that the opinions of Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dumb double act, Andy Townsend and Ally McCoist (and their pitchside table of truth) add up to a pretty persuasive philosophical discipline? Also, whats up with...
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    Sigue Sigue: The Movie

    Would this or would this not make a fantastic film? I'm convinced it would. Not least because it would look great, and there are some fantastic details, like the living accomodation being Sid Vicious' old gaff painted out in black. Also, mainly because (and i could be wrong here) the idea of the...
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    MIDI Drums/ Samplers : Help!

    Right..... I have got a Roland SP- 404 Sampler that has a MIDI IN (no OUT) port at the back. I need to be able to trigger the sample pads using Electronic drums, except i only need 3 or 4 triggers as i'm in a band whose drummer has already got loads of stuff to deal with. I wanted to buy a...
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    Singapore / Hong Kong / Wellington, NZ

    In September, I am going to New Zealand for 10 days, Wellington to be precise with a bit of travelling around probably chucked in. But on the way I'm stopping off in Hong Kong for ONE day, and on the way back, Singapore for TWO days. What should I definitely make time for in those three places...
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    Arctic Monkeys Explosion.

    Middle page features in papers; Newsnight review with John Harris and Paul Morley; the Internet background story,-And: a slot on The News At Ten. Fastest selling debut ever? I'm presuming they're not a Dissensus delicacy, but there certainly seems some media fueled moodshift lurking based on...
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    Obvious i know: Best films of 2005

    I'm interested, as someone residing out in the sticks and that only gets to see about 3 or 4 current films in a year, as to what more informed members of the board rate as this years best. What I have seen is: Batman Begins (Good 1st 2/3rds, horrible last 3rd) Capturing The Friedmans...