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    I gave AI Dungeon a Geoffrey Hill poem as a prompt, and it wrote this (I added the line-breaks, the rest is verbatim as it came out): The king has landed his hordes from the sky. He and his dead stand upon the golden roof of a thousand towers. A half-century of conquest could not have built...
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    Kate Tempest

    There are plenty of things I don't like that other people think are wonderful and it doesn't bother me at all. Kate Tempest isn't one of those things. It actually annoys me that people think she's good. She makes these records and there's something about them that winds me up. It's not like...
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    What haunts you?

    Most people are haunted by something. In some cases it has a name and a face; in others, it's nameless and faceless, known only by the occasions in which it seems to loom over events. I'm haunted by some lost people - not dead, as far as I know, but I don't know whether they're dead or alive...
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    Antichrist! Dugin on Negarestani
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    It's the latest, hippest, most happening thing. Dugin's Fourth Political Theory is all about deconstructing the liberal individual and returning to a Dasein grounded in pre-modern/traditional notions of church, nation, ethnos etc. Lots of dodgy sorts reading Evola, for a spiritualised...
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    Everyone else's less wonderful poetry thread

    Doesn't have to be stuff you've written yourself. What do you like? What don't you like? What if anything does poetry do for you? I don't like Kate Tempest, but I find this opinion hard to justify, as she is clearly a decent sort and good at what she does. I like Larkin, but he was a fairly...
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    the mighty buzz

    To this day I've not found any more immediately joyful piece of software for music composition than the mighty Buzz. I recorded pretty much all of Speaks Your Weight using it, some years ago, and have recently been using it again to do new stuff - see here (groinchy doom noises) and here...
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    Technique / Craftsmanship

    I would say: Alan Garner - Craftsman Philip Pullman - Technician (for all the Blakean imagery) Ted Hughes: Craftsman (Crow) Geoffrey Hill: Technician (Tenebrae) P.J. Harvey: Craftsman Diamanda Galas: Technician Bjork: ??? Beefheart: Craftsman Zappa: Technician Marina Abramovich: Craftsman...
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    Which is your favourite heresy?

    Mine's Gnosticism, naturally. But there are loads to choose from - I mean specifically the heresies historically identified as such by the church authorities. Extra points for being really horrendously persecuted; if you had a crusade against you, even better. Any other definition of heresy...
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    What is a Riemannian Manifold?

    There must be someone on here who knows, and can explain it clearly. (Assume I've already glanced at the Wikipedia page, and thought "oh, right, that looks like the sort of thing a kind and patient mathematician ought to be able to explain to me"). If there isn't, or they can't be arsed, I'm...
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    Scooping the Loop Snooper

    The halting problem undecidability proof in Seussian rhyme.
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    Levels of description

    From a post at Limited Inc:
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    Hicham Yezza

    The campaign to prevent the deportation, for political reasons and without due process, of Hicham Yezza now has a website. I would like to encourage dissensians to visit it, and find out about what is happening. The alleged "Al Qaeda training manual" Yezza was initially investigated for...