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    saying 'yuk' to curry is racist: political correctness in the uk

    not living in the uk i get my information for a large part of the internet. i came across these two articles: saying 'yuk' to curry is racist about the casual racism of three year olds who dont like curry schoolboys punished for refusing to pray to allah about schoolboys who got punished for...
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    censorship on dissensus: the disappearance of the confessions thread

    i'm quite sure there was a thread over here with confessions. People talked about Paris stinking, New York stinking, swears posted a nice picture, for which mistersloane offered him a nice service. Zhao said some ill-advised stuff. Then Nomos said it was the worst thread he ever saw, and now the...
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    what do you think of the closing of the gossip threads

    how do you feel about this? this is what i already said in the grime thread "i remember this thread came to life because moderators complained there were too many grime threads (remember the "not another grime thread" by kpunk). now there are too little? i would think people who post here can...
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    grime mixtape reviews

    i'm a big fan of grime mixtapes, but there are so many coming out right now, and it's hard to find the ones that are really good, because i can't find a source for reliable reviews of them. some of my recent favorites are: practice hours, the mac 10 instrumental mix logan sama's mix you can...
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    has The blissblogger left us? (not that he's dead)

    I think it's safe to say that the blissblogger has left the critical reviewing of new stuff. On his site his posts of the last months are mainly links to obituaries, and discussions about old bands reforming (gang of four et al). And in his last post he made his break with his last love, grime...