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    A question of influence

    I've a question I've been mulling over for a while now but still can't put into the right words :slanted::mad:, and something a few people were saying over on the Radiohead thread got me thinking again - that bit about indie bands being inspired by/ripping off truly mind-bending music (or in...
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    Michael Jackson (1942-2007)

    So sorry to hear this (news travel slow in Mexico). RIP.
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    Wilson Pickett RIP

    Oh fuck. I loved this guy. Some Real Audio sounds here (scroll down). Who's Wilson Pickett?
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    R.I.P. Rosa Parks

    One of the great icons of the US Civil Rights struggle, Rosa Parks, who in 1951 famously refused to give up her seat and go to the back of the bus, passed away yesterday aged 92. RIP. CNN article.
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    Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Greensleeves Vampires

    From the Jamaica Daily Gleaner: Greensleeves Records wins copyright case published: Thursday | May 19, 2005 Germaine Smith, Staff Reporter REGGAE GIANTS Greensleeves Records recently won a copyright infringement case brought against them by one of Jamaica's leading mixing engineers...
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    Monsters of Mashup Tour (Shitmat/Bong-Ra/Enduser)

    Bigged this up on Dissensus a good while back, and happened to catch the show in Ljubljana/Slovenia on Saturday. Asked around for directions to the Channel Zero club while in town drinking before the gig and earned nothing but looks of disgust. The nicest thing anyone had to say about it was...
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    The blissblogger on post-punk

    Great piece on UK post-punk 1978-1984 in the OMM. Spot on, as ever. I'm looking forward to reading Rip it Up... Any thoughts?
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    rebel bass 4

    This just in. Hope people reach this, reports are very much appreciated. " REBEL BASS 4 (Friday 8th April) Mark One (Virus Syndicate show) (Planet Mu/ Rephlex/Boka) Shelley Parker (Haywire/ N.E.R.D) Plasticman (Terrorhythm/ Rephlex) Slaughter Mob (Soulja/ Rephlex/ Halo) Downshifter (Hyponik/...
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    Bobby Fischer

    Anyone following this? "As he walked toward the airport entrance, he turned, unzipped his pants and acted like he was going to urinate on the wall. He called Japan's ruling party 'gangsters.'" "The former British...
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    Adopt a sniper

    This has got to be a joke, right? An extract: "We are a tight-knit group that believes strongly in supporting our brothers that are deployed to the front lines. In return for that support, they then pass on their gained knowledge upon their return." How human heads burst like watermelons when...
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    Stop Bolkestein

    Please read, sign and spread the word: From "Stop Bolkestein ! NO to a socially retrograde Europe NO to an educationally regressive Europe At the instigation of the former European Commissioner Frits Bolkenstein (a Dutch liberal), a draft directive (European law)...
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    Haywire Christmas party Dec. 11

    to whom it may concern... Saturday 11th December : Haywire Christmas Party 2 rooms : Santa's Grotto : free mix cd to first 100 EXZAKT [monotone/datapunk/usa] ANDREW WEATHERALL [rgc/warp] RADIOACTIVE MAN [rgc/control tower] BASS JUNKIE [battletrax] MAT CARTER [varial] more tbc 10pm - 6am...
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    Red Bull Music Academy

    Someone (bassnation) mentioned this in passing somewhere and I've been meaning to do the same in a bit more detail. The RBMA is a annual event held in a different location every year where producers and DJs from all over the world meet for a week of sessions and musical exchange. This year's...