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    Pow! Forward 3

    Oh my good gracious. "Pow, yeah it's Lethal the B. I give head to Flirta D." "D Double E, more like E Double G." Funny stuff! Sorta.
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    Free Grime CD

    As a relative newcomer to the grime scene, I haven't heard much of Jon E Cash's stuff but Kamikaze.... deadly.
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    I rate Jammer as a producer only. His murcul man bit is a tiring. If it were just "I'm the murcul man, never gonna flex like Erkle(however you spell his name), man." then his rhyming might be considered a tad more professional. It's just neckle, seckle, keckle, beckle, whateveckle. Destruction...
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    wanted: Jammer "destruction vip" riddim

    I saw dem EPs on Da E.P EP Fire Hydrant EP The Grave Yard EP The World Destruction EP (with Destruction 4 pon it) I ordered Grave Yard. Too eerie to pass up. Was gonna get World Destruction too but I already spent to much that day. Fire Hydrant sounds way too much like that...
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    roll deep - in at the deep end

    Is this like a promo for the RD album? If so, where can I get my paws on it? \o/
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    Roll Deep on Westwood

    Oh nah. The instru they spit over toward the end. The minimalist riddims always pull on the strings of my heart. S'why I'm pickin up Morgue remixes today ;)
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    Roll Deep on Westwood

    Sorry for reviving a dead topic but I was just listening to the Roll Deep-Westwood thing and was taken by the riddim track. Sounds like a Danny Weed production, is it? Does it have a name? Was it released w/ vocal and such? Cheers.
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    dizzee signs d double!

    Better get the game oooooon! Good move by Dizzee. D Double has got something that many grime artists don't. Don't ask me what. Same with Flirta D lately.
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    Do you listen to music while at work?

    Yup. I can always listen to music after work. I can survive for 9 hours without it.... I think! =/
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    Do you listen to music while at work?

    I work part time in a stupid regional electronics store named Bennetts Electrical Warehouse. It's not a warehouse. It Has a warehouse in the back rooms (where I "work") but it's mostly show room. Customers don't mind the sound distorted grime coming from the tiny stereo. I sometimes stick on...
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    Forward 2

    Forward 2 . Do you think it's any good? Could there be better MCs on it? Could the chosen MCs voiced it better? It's slowly growing on me now. Finding a slight attraction to Flirta D's bit now.... BOUNCE YA!
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    When people with "Normal Music Taste" ask you what you listen to...

    I respond with "UKG and dancehall." 9/10 I will get "What's UKG?" followed by "What's dancehall?". "dark garage", "modern reggae". Usually suffices for the poor uninterested soul trying to make small talk. They don't really care what kind of music you listen to.
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    the world's best dancehall thread ever

    Original + greatest hits of the year. Can't go wrong there, eh?
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    the world's best dancehall thread ever

    Bubble Up = large.
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    What's the best music from Japan you've heard in the past six months?

    I saw Japanese punk duo Yumi Yumi a few months ago at the Norwich Arts Centre. I really liked it. A break from the dancehall, hehe. Only a 30 minute set though, that was the only downside. I've been meaning to pick up the album Alchemy but never got around to it.
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    The Big Hello Thread

    Hullo I'm Dan. I'm 19. I listen dancehall and lil bit of hip hop and UKG w/ a side order of everything else. I watch a fair amount of japanese anime. I play role playing video games and whatever takes my interest to distract me from coursework (if music ain't workin') I'm from South East...
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    Ce'Cile and gyal dancehall

    New female vocalist Tami is going to be big. Check Stepz and Highty Tighty for a couple great pieces. Macka is slowly creepy up my leaderboard of favourite deejays. The chune on Wine Your Waistline (see my site if ya want a taster) with Capleton is superb. Capleton's bits seem a little off key...
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    Music you are exposed to involuntarily.

    ^ This kept me laughing for about 40 seconds straight, nicely. I've yet to turn on the radio but I bet the moment I step into HMV, I'll be wanting to leave after bring pounded with loud Idon'tcare music. Does anyone actually buy pop?! >.>
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    what did you listen to today?

    Collision Course - That Jay-Z and Linkin Parks link up. Couple a' rinses of Lenky's new riddim. The day has only just started.